Tokenization with OTN _Business

Open Trading Network (OTN) have a firm vision to provide efficient and effective solutions to all types of crypto-market participants. One core group that OTN are targeting are businesses — of small to large size and across all industries. OTN recognises that the world is changing, and digital assets are becoming more and more a part of everyday life. While currently countries are looking into launching their own cryptocurrencies, individual businesses will one day incorporate cryptos into their day to day operations — and OTN will provide tokenization services to help these businesses grow and develop with the evolving marketplace.


As part of a wide range of products and solutions on offer, OTN will provide businesses with valuable tokenisation services — which will further contribute to the growth of the digital asset market and wider support of the cryptocurrency community. Valuably this service provides the ability to issue tokens in an ecosystem with instantaneous release to the marketplace. OTN also provides guarantees for tokenisation — a unique platform feature which is highly sought after in the current high-risk environment. Businesses will be offered solutions so that they can quickly set up tokenization for any services and instantly enter the market.

A simple and secure application, the OTN.Business solution, will make it straightforward to execute widely-used business operations.

Example use cases of the OTN.Business application include:

● Issuing tokens and listing them on exchanges instantly;

● Issuing tokenized loyalty cards;

● Crowdfunding;

● Tokenization of services;

● Integrating payment schemes that use many tokens and cryptocurrencies via OTN conversion;

● Integrating custom centralized matching engines.

Smart Contracts

OTN can offer these services to businesses in a simple, quick and straightforward manner because of the optimised design of the user interface. More specifically, the user interface incorporates ready-made smart contracts, in which businesses can then set parameters accordingly to meet the specific needs of their circumstances. For example, the solution offers a selection of commonly occurring business models — such as discount systems, loyalty programs and crowdfunding which can then be customised. This keeps the process lightweight, adaptable and convenient.

Compared to similar alternative solutions on the market this is a refreshing and valuable innovation — with other offerings often slow and cumbersome to get tokenisation and attached services implemented.


Even more valuably OTN business users are immediately plugged in to the OTN platform — such that issued tokens can be immediately listed on the market, providing access to liquidity and a wide range of useful adjacent services all in one environment.

Overall, businesses should also keep in mind that OTN was created in partnership with well-established and leading broker, IQ Option — therefore OTN have the technical and financial backing behind them, to provide business user solutions effectively and in a way that evolves with user needs.

Warning: Investing involves a high degree of risk. All tokens are provided by the OTN foundation and the activity is non-commercial




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