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Hackernoon logoToday Is My 33rd Birthday: Suprise, It's Life! by@darkestar

Today Is My 33rd Birthday: Suprise, It's Life!

I have never been on Hackernoon before, it was just one of those things that my endless cycle of mad clicking, ADD inspired pursuits of I don't know what don't me here moment. It's April 28th and I have finally been able to mildly celebrate my birthday for the first time in 3 years... Yeah, that's right! 3 years. I'll get to that in a sec. But I wanted to let you all know that I have first completed my first semester of college courses. Just 2, no biggie.

But for me its a little bit bewildering. I am trying to pursue Web Development, I think. I have no one to give POSITIVE advice, mostly all of it comes from close family who can't wait to be rid of me. And I am counting the days till I am back i the full swing of thing and long past this "recovery" phase of life. This is my first post, and I find it intriguing. I'm sure my attention-span will have me light years in to some other dark corner of the internet soon.. But back to what I was saying, right, first post..

Well the reason its the first time I get to celebrate a seemingly normal event for the first time is .. I was just released from federal prison August 2019. And trust me, you dont want to know what guys do to each other once they find out its your birthday. Get your mind out of the gutter. Its much more violent and shittier than you think.

I never got to experience them moments but I sure saw them. Let's just say your word perspective changes after REALLY seeing what people can do to each-other.

On a lighter not, its my day. Woot. Up to this point it has been a long, muttled history of both pain and pleasure. I have traveled the globe in pursuit of great things years ago, feeling forgotten by so many since I got incarcerated. And recently experienced what its like to be caged with savage animals. I don't have any tattoo's yet. I was lucky in the genetics department. Came out stronger and meaner.

And a couple of months ago I go the green light to pick a new field for work, paid, and paid to go. CHA-CHING. SO I have been doing college courses for the last couple of months. I have struggled but I made it and even did decent. I managed to get my Graduated Educational Diploma well in prison. Only thing you could really do in Western Canada's crappiest prison Drumheller. Not like there will ever be a great one to go to.

And also today, on my birthday, I started my course study to take Harvard University's CS50-Intro to Computer Sciences. Haha. Pretty fricken crazy times. I have lived on the streets, blinded in my left-eyed at 19, partied away my twenties while working on the oil patch, and locked up before 30.

Now I am free and epidemics are blazing through and people are battening down the hatches. I am once again confined to my room. But VERY used to it. I have before me, choices, and I don't really know what to do or what is the right way. I have never had so many choices before me. Web Developer, Software Developer, Communications, Game Design and I don't have a clue what else to choose.

I have a long history of fighting my way onto tech because parents had barred me from the "privilege" of computers. HA! I am plugging away at my course-load from college and just laughing at how the tables have turned and how amazing this godless world can turn from chaos. To something that, even with its terrible and depressing people, shitting on you because whatever you do is never good enough.

Or could be doing more. Cheers guy! I know this got a little dark and boring but that tends to be a part of me now. And happy birthday to me. Its not like I earned it nor had a choice in the matter. Have a great day and realize you are lucky, because it can always get worse. So take a moment. Be glad you have what you have, and be smart with it. OK first post!

Adios/Auf Weidersehen/G'bye


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