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Today I Shut Down Our Servers (and more top tech stories)

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our staff to writers ratio is 1 to 1428. Welcome home, Hackers.

1. Today I Shut Down Our Servers by Yonatan V. Levin

2. What’s Next for Surveillance Capitalism and Social Domains? by Amber Cazzell

3. The Shocking reason the U.S. wants to stop Facebook’s Libra by Thijs Maas

4. How I coded my way to Early Tickets for Avengers Endgame by Noel Varghese

5.Python vs Node.Js: Which Programming Language to Choose? by Michael Yarbrough

6. To Travel, A Tech Conference and One Million views: a Recap by Aman Mittal

7. How should big tech companies be regulated? by Josh Lee

8. A Quick Guide on Accessibility Testing by Vikash Kumar

9. When did you last “retro” your retrospective? by Adam + Cuppy

10. Why am I launching She.VC with ‘Women in VC’ global community? by Gayatri Sarkar

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