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Tips on Choosing the Tech Stack

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In choosing a tech stack you need to go through all of the factors that might influence the decision. For the frontend, there are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages, but talking about frameworks, that are most commonly used, there are just a few highly popular options: Angular, React, and Vue. For mobile apps, the difference is whether Native, Hybrid or PWA you choose: for Native - Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, for Hybrid - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, for PWA - HTML5, CSS3, or JavaScript, and it uses the Ionic framework, which is based on Cordova. For Backend, there are Node.js, Python, Express, and Ruby, which are by far the most popular backend programming languages. Databases that would be highly common on the market: MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Neo4J. For each process, there is a particular set of possible DevOps tools: Build - Kubernetes, Docker, Puppet, Chef; Continuous integration - Jenkins, AWS, CircleCi; Test - Mabl, XRay, SauceLab; Deployment - Jira, Bitbucket, AWS CodePipeline. Lastly, MuleSoft, IBM API Connect, Microsoft Azure, and Tray are prominent API integration platforms that you might consider adding to your soft.

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