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Tips About Using Libre Franklin: A Versatile Font for Friendly Brands

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Every week, we profile a new font and dive into trends, facts, and how-tos about using it for design. Welcome to our fourth profile!

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img: Samples of Libre Franklin

Entering… Libre Franklin

Recently, a reader of FontDiscovery asked me for advice about keeping her brand message consistent across different platforms. She wanted tips on how to make her visuals stand out and her brand messages clear.

My advice? Try using just one font across all platforms: try Libre Franklin.

Libre Franklin is as close as you get to a super font — it can be used for almost anything: app, websites, social media. This is a friendly sans serif that fits all your needs, whether it’s the tiny text on a label or the big text on a landing page.

A sans serif is a letterform without the little feet (“serif”) at strokes’ ends. Sans serifs typically appear bolder than serifs because they have less thick and thin in their strokes. Their bold appearances make them better suited for screen purposes while also giving off vibes of edgy and new. Fashion brands love sans serif for this reason.


img: Supreme Branding; credit: Fashionista.com

Libre Franklin belongs to a type of sans serif, called humanist sans serif, that takes inspiration from traditional calligraphy. Look closely, and you will find that Libre Franklin has a very slight variance in its strokes, reminding us of a soft calligraphic touch. Because it reminds us of handwriting, humanist sans serif is often perceived as less edgy, more friendly than other sans serif types. Many brands, such as Glossier, love these sans serif due to the warmth they offer.


img: A Double Story ‘g’ is also Characteristics of Calligraphic Influence


img: Glossier Branding; credit: thebeautythread.com

Libre Franklin comes with 18 weights (so many!). It has styles fit for any purpose. Next time, if you are looking for something warm and inviting, give Libre Franklin a try : )


img: Many Weights of Libre Franklin

How to use Libre Franklin

If your brand’s primary visual brand personality is friendly, give this font a try!

Typography System
Libre Franklin has many weights, so you will have something you can use for any occasion. Bolder versions are great for social media. Combining different weights can be perfect for information-dense projects like apps, blogs, landing pages.

Cautiously avoid

Don’t use thin, extra light, or light for small size texts. It can be tough to see.


img: Avoid using the really lightweight (imagine if these texts were smaller… it would be tough to see!)

Creative prompt

Try setting your resume or personal website in Libre Franklin. Do you notice a difference?


img: Quick infographic about Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin is available on Google Fonts.

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