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Thierry Carrez on the Release of OpenStack Pike

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Building a distributed data center isn’t an everyday task for many people, but if it is for you, there’s a high chance you will use OpenStack for the job. OpenStack isn’t one project, but a selection of dozens of open source projects that you combine to suit your requirements. The most popular and mature projects are:

  • Nova for compute services, including bare metal, containers and virtual machines.
  • Neutron for software-defined networking.
  • Swift for object and blob storage.
  • Glance for discovering, registering, and retrieving virtual machine images.
  • Keystone for client authentication.
  • Cinder for block storage.

I spoke with Thierry Carrez, Release Manager for the OpenStack project about how he coordinates a large number of contributors to the project, balancing diverse commercial and cultural differences whilst still maintaining a regular release cycle. We spoke in the week of the latest release, Pike, and if you happen to be in the vicinity of Sydney in November, then you should attend the OpenStack Summit.

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