These 2 promising DeFi cryptos are listed on Binance! by@gabrieldotorg

These 2 promising DeFi cryptos are listed on Binance!

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Young dude from France who likes to share ideas. My name is Organde, Gabriel Organde.


When investing or trading, you have to forget yourself.

You have to KILL the EGO. Emotions have to be put in a corner.

They need to shut. the. fuck. up.

There needs to be a plan, a method. Only that counts.

Here is my simple investing method:

I spot risky but promising assets and invest in them regularly. When I can. Then, I wait… That's it, no astrophysical bullshit, just buying and waiting. Before investing in a cryptoasset, I first need to be sure that it's promising. I ask myself: Is it creating value? Is there any revolution represented by that asset? I have to read about the technology behind it and try to understand if it's interesting or shitty.

Now that you understand me, let's see a few cryptos that are very promising, and why they represent an interesting technology.

Usual disclaimer: Whatever you do with your money, I'm not responsible for it. Do not apply my financial advices if you're not fully able to understand the risks. I'm NOT a rich guy and I'm certainly not saying: "Here's what you have to do to become like me." This is just humble advice from a young crypto-enthusiast.

NUMBER ONE: Balancer (BAL)

Actual market cap: $182,812,353

Alright, sounds cool but what does it actually do?

Balancer is an automated portfolio manager and a decentralized trading platform. When you invest money in a Balancer portfolio, it is then managed by traders who "rebalance your portfolio by following arbitrage opportunities". Which means that, when external market prices are different, the arbitrageurs will take profit from trading off the price differences.

"One can prove that whenever external market prices are different from those offered by a Balancer Pool, an arbitrageur will make the most profit by trading with that pool until its prices equal those on the external market." Balancer whitepaper

What is interesting is that… instead of paying fees to those who manage their portfolios, the investors actually collect fees from them. To those who, rather than just buying BAL tokens, want to invest in a Balancer portfolio, I recommend the DAI/USDC/USDT pool, which is safer than other pools as it is only made of stablecoins, so you don't have to fear a bear market.

NUMBER TWO: Band Protocol (BAND)

Actual market cap: $303,354,760

Alright, sounds cool but what does it actually do?

Simply put, Band Protocol is an oracle - just like Chainlink - which means that it automatically brings real-world data to the blockchain in order to execute smart-contracts.

"If event x happens in real-life, transaction y gets executed by the smart-contract."

I like Band Protocol for two simple reasons:

  • Its market cap is smaller than that of Chainlink: which means it has a bigger growth potential but it's also a riskier investment. I like risky investments, so I definitely prefer putting my money on Band Protocol than on Chainlink.
  • In 2021, Google integrated Band Protocol in BigQuery (its cloud data warehouse) for real-time crypto price data. My reasoning is as follows: If Google trusts them, and man they know better than me, I might invest in those fuckers.

Time will say if I was right.

Fact-check what I've said and see if you want to invest.

Stay cool-headed, don't sell when the price drops.

Don't trade if you don't have a plan. And be nice to others.

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by @gabrieldotorg.Young dude from France who likes to share ideas. My name is Organde, Gabriel Organde.
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