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Hackernoon logoThe Verdict is In: I've Got a Vested Stake of a Hedgefund! Best News? You Can Be, Too! by@jare

The Verdict is In: I've Got a Vested Stake of a Hedgefund! Best News? You Can Be, Too!

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@jareJarett Dunn Accelerating by Design, Dropout Now Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate!

Today Coindex Lab’s CEO had a sitdown with a capital markets guy and then later Two Sigma Ventures – with the goal of making Coindex a fighting force in quantitative finance.

The good news? Capital markets guy wanted us to start a hedgefund. A random guy from the other coast approached the conversation out of nowhere asking to be connected.

Later, the conversation with TSV yielded ‘Good news and bad news:’

So we have two – maybe three! – pledges for funds when we figure out the legalize of doing so.

The good news for me is that I get both equity share and a cut of the vig (gangster term for the take).

The good news for my readers is that we have the opportunity to get capital into Coindex at ground floor, and start earning on crypto and traditional markets with our patented edge over any given set of market conditions.

You might ask yourself, then ask me, ‘but I’m not a high net worth individual – how can I contribute to a hedgefund?’

Well, in keeping with crypto tradition…

We very well might crowdfund in an STO!

While this is still a gleam in the back of my eye and ultimately a rumor – what this means is that you – your friends, coworkers, acquaintances, grandma – can capitalize on our value proposition, and learn from my years of experience making markets and doing arbitrage trading and derive alphas from our bots!

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