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Hackernoon logoThe VC Approach In Today’s Tech Markets with Steve Schlafman by@trentlapinski

The VC Approach In Today’s Tech Markets with Steve Schlafman

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@trentlapinskiTrent Lapinski

Episode 13 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with venture capitalist Steve Schlafman from Primary Ventures.

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In this episode Trent Lapinski and Steve Schlafman discuss venture capital, leadership, executive coaching, and even mediation.

“I always ask myself, is this an entrepreneur who that is special, talented, tenacious, and on a mission?”
“Is this someone who can go and tell a great story, inspire potential employees, investors, partners. Is this someone who people are going to gravitate towards? In a competitive hiring environment, are they going to be able to build a World class team?”
“I don’t need to see a huge amount of traction. I need to answer the question: Is there enough evidence or an unique insight that people want the product or service. I love founders that are incredibly focused on the customer. Is this someone who is just incredibly focused, and obsessed with the customer and solving their problem?”
“Is this team on a journey that is important, bold, difficult, and inspiring? In someways does it make me uncomfortable because it is hard?”— Steve Schlafman

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