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The Unsocial Media Matrix

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Tech Poetry

I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
We live our lives online
Often getting mad

We listen to the news
Designed to make you blue
But we can forget
About the Facebook flu

Seeing all your friends
Living such a life
Such beautiful pictures
Such a pretty wife

But that’s not my story
Everything’s not well
Unlike all my friends
My life’s gone to hell

My pics just aren’t picture
My vaca was bland
What does that say about me
Am I a lesser man?

Take a second now
Does this sound like you
Is social media
Something of a screw

Piercing your poor mind
Creating pain and sorrow
Forcing you to watch
To forget about tomorrow

To pretend to live
To passively observe
Your life could be so much more
If you’d only learn to swerve

Get outside those tracks
Social isn’t right
It’s designed to haunt you
Long into the night

Constant notifications
It’s not good for you
A life of comparisons
Will always make you blue

Wanting to impress
You always dress your best
The problem with that life
There’s never any rest

There’s always someone smarter
A better body too
And that guy who’s richer
What does that say about you?

It actually says nothing
Only if you care
When you worship others
You place yourself down there

There are some games in life
Many actually
Designed without a winner
For painful harmony

Those games make real money
Continuous use
Because what they don’t tell you
People crave abuse

It’s part of our nature
To see our major “flaws”
That’s what often happens
When you’re in Zuckerberg’s claws

They hire real smart folks
To make you feel like shit
They make a ton of money
And get away with it

And it is addictive
A never ending scroll
Feeling alienated
That will take a toll

Talk about a beating
Talk about a vice
Next time you think social
I hope that you think twice

I know this sounds extremist
You make think it’s a joke
But as the facts come it
There’s a lot of smoke

This type of isolation
It’s cancer for a nation
Creating filter bubbles
And greater separation

Misinformation’s rampant
The truth is up for grabs
We’re living in the Matrix
With platforms keeping tabs

They know everything about you
Control your every whim
Are ruining elections
And run just like a sim

And sure social media’s bad
But the problem’s bigger still
When advertising’s dominant
On every windowsill

Watching what you do
Tracking who you are
Just to tell your phone
Where to fill your car

Content is king
That’s what they say
Maybe that was true
In a different day

Today attention
That trumps all
And to be successful
Humanity might fall

In a world of opinion
Only one way to stand out
To stand upon a sidewalk
And scream and fucking shout

That’s the state of media
Clickbait everywhere
What happened to integrity
These companies don’t care

As long as people read
As long as people watch
Even conspiracy theorists
Can sell a sparkly Swatch

So remember when you’re reading
When you’re living life
The advertising powers
Are trying to sell strife

Manipulate your mind
Addict you to your phones
Anything at all
Just to fill their homes

So should you quit social?
That’s not the point at all
Just remember when you’re using
They want you to fall

Into the abyss of addiction
To become more extreme
To spend your time and money
To forget about your dream

When you see the Matrix
Then you understand
What they’re doing to you
And how to beat the man

You can live your life
On the terms you set
If you don’t let others
Tell you when to fret

If you can control
You information flow
You’ll find the world is better
Regardless where you go

So mute your notifications
And take a little time
To think about these words
And why things always rhyme

Now go and have some fun
Dance in the sun
Live your life to the fullest
You are your number one.

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