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The Top Big Data Consulting Firms

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@nickgordon52Nick Gordon

Thanks to big data, today an organization can quickly obtain the necessary information from an unordered data set and deploy it effectively. The growing popularity of big data analytics has led to a significant increase in the number of companies providing big data solutions and related services.

Today, there are almost 1000 big data analytics companies in the global market, and this number may be very confusing. Big data skills, experience, and related technical expertise can significantly vary among vendors, which may puzzle anyone looking for a big data service provider.

How to identify the best big data consulting firms

I set myself the goal to identify the most reliable big data consulting companies on today’s IT market. To do this, I investigated hundreds of data providers and studied their characteristics. Each company was analyzed according to the set of specifically designed criteria. Among the criteria are big data expertise, major clients, offering strategy, track record, and online reviews. Below you can see the results of the conducted market research.

1. Itransition

Founded in 1998, Itransition is a custom software development company that provides big data consulting and platform engineering services. The company also offers business intelligence (BI) portals development and boosts them with machine learning (ML) and other technologies. The company offers data store design, data migration, performance optimization, and support services.
The company’s client base includes IBM, Expedia, Toyota, eBay, Xerox, PayPal, and Adidas. With more than 150 completed projects and 810 clients worldwide, IAOP recognizes the company as one of The Global Outsourcing 100.
Headquarters: Denver, CO
Core clients: Expedia, Xerox, Toyota, eBay, IBM, PayPal, Adidas
Pay per hour: $25 — $49
Number of employees: 1000–9999

2. Saviant Consulting

Saviant is a consulting company with more than 120 experts in its team and more than 100 clients in various countries, including UK, Canada, and the US. The company specifically focuses on Energy, Logistics, and Retail.
Among the company’s big data services are big data analytics and management, full-cycle big data solution development, and more.
Headquarters: Pune, India
Core clients: JJ Food Service, BuilderMT, Transparent Technologies, Inc
Pay per hour: Not Revealed
Number of employees: 50–249

3. Squadex

Headquartered in California, USA, Squadex is a technology consulting and engineering company that provides big data services. It offers big data analytics, consulting, and big data platform engineering.
Squadex is an AWS certified consulting partner that works with companies of different size, from small startups to large enterprises.
Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
Core clients: Model N, NinthDecimal, Nitrio
Pay per hour: Not Revealed
Number of employees: 250–999

4. CBIG Consulting

Founded in 2002, CBIG Consulting is an American company offering business intelligence and big data analytics solutions. Besides analytics and consulting, the company provides big data solutions architecture. For this purpose, CBIG Consulting employs Hadoop distributions, Hive, Sqoop, etc.
The company’s industrial focus is on Finance, Healthcare, and Retail.
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Core clients: Abbott, Astellas, Baxter, Cigna, DePaul University
Pay per hour: $150 — $199
Number of employees: 50–249

5. Clavax Technologies

Founded in 2011, Clavax is a software development company headquartered in San Jose, California. It delivers big data consulting and implementation. By employing big data technologies, the company provides services for data warehousing, data processing, and data integration.
Clavax’ client list includes PWC, Football.com, Bookfari, and Honeywell.
Headquarters: San Jose, CA
Core clients: PWC, Football.com, Bookfari, Honeywell, Jabil
Pay per hour: $25 — $49
Number of employees: 50–249

6. ThirdEye Data

ThirdEye Data is a big data services company that delivers big data consulting, analytics and engineering while using artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning.
ThirdEye Data has served such companies as Nokia, Ford, Amgen, GettyImages, Actian, and others. The company focuses on Finance, Government, IT, Retail, and Manufacturing.
Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
Core clients: Microsoft, Nokia, Ford, Amgen, GettyImages, Actian, Google
Pay per hour: $50 — $99
Number of employees: 50–249

7. Signity Solutions

Established in 2009, Signity Solutions is a company that delivers custom software development and big data solutions. The company helps with big data analysis and brings data solutions empowered by machine learning.
Signity works for the Commerce, Education, Media, and other industries.
Headquarters: Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, India
Core clients: Samsung, Grupio, The Project Factory
Pay per hour: $25 — $49
Number of employees: 50–249

8. Caserta

Founded in 2001, Caserta is a NY-based IT company that delivers a wide range of data-related services. The company offers big data consulting and solution architecture/development. Caserta also provides data visualization, data warehousing services, and more.
The company has worked with such clients as New York Times, Capital One, Equinox, and HBO.
Headquarters: New York, NY
Core clients: New York Times, Capital One, Equinox, HBO
Pay per hour: Not Revealed
Number of employees: 10–49

9. RapidOps, Inc

RapidOps is a custom software development company based in the USA. The company’s expertise includes big data analytics, consulting, and visualization.
The company’s team of 60+ professional developers delivers its services to the Manufacturing, Retail, and IT industries.
Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
Core clients: YoDish, Zurn Industries, DassaultSystemes
Pay per hour: $25 — $49
Number of employees: 50–249

10. Aegis Soft Tech

Since 2003, Aegis Soft Tech has been providing software development to Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, and other industries.
Aegis provides big data consultation, management, and analysis. Among that, Aegis helps with data migration processes. The company’s pool of developers expertizes in Hadoop, Cloudera, and Hortonworks platforms.
Headquarters: Rajkot, India
Core clients: Sunzinet, Zydus, PointRF, Efacec
Pay per hour: < $25
Number of employees: 50–249

11. GetInData

GetInData is a Poland-based company that unites more than 30 professionals. The company has carried out more than 30 projects.
GetInData delivers the following big data services: big data infrastructure development, analytics, consulting, engineering, and maintenance. GetInData delivered its services to such companies as Spotify, Allegro, Agora, and Freshmail.
Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Core clients: Spotify, Allegro, Agora, Freshmail, Truecaller, GoEuro
Pay per hour: $50 — $99
Number of employees: 10–49

12. Kavi Global

Established in 2008, Kavi Global is an analytical company that delivers a whole spectrum of big data services. They include consulting, big data solution architecture, and platform implementation. The company also offers data mining and data management services.
Kavi Global’s industrial expertise includes Transportation, Manufacturing, Education, and Healthcare.
Headquarters: Barrington, IL
Core clients: General Electric, TEAMHealth, Thomson Reuters, Ryder
Pay per hour: $150 — $199
Number of employees: 10–49

13. Indium Software

Since 1999, Indium Software has been providing technological solutions for 19 various industries. The company has worked with 750 clients from all over the world.
Employing such technologies as Hadoop, Spark, and Apache Kafka, Indium Software delivers big data architecture and consulting services.
Headquarters: Princeton, NJ
Core clients: Not Revealed
Pay per hour: < $25
Number of employees: 250–999

14. Fayrix

Israel-based Fayrix is a custom software development company and big data services provider with 1530 IT experts on board.
The company deals with various projects, from initial data analysis and consulting to big data infrastructure design, big data software development, and its implementation into a client’s existing technological landscape.
Headquarters: Pitu’akh, Israel
Core clients: Biosence Webster, SCR, S7 Airlines
Pay per hour: < $25
Number of employees: 1000–9999

15. Denologix

Established in 2002, Denologix is an analytics and information management company providing a wide range of big data services, including data analysis, consulting, and big data solution implementation and support. The company deploys a large number of technological tools for big data, including Hortonworks Data Platform, Cloudera СВР Hadoop Distribution, and more.
Among the company’s clients are Adidas, Allstream, Aviva, Canada Post, and others.
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Core clients: Adidas, Allstream, Aviva, Canada Post, Bell, Brookfield
Pay per hour: $150 — $199
Number of employees: 50–249

16. Data Reply

Established in 2015, Data Reply is a big data and analytics consultancy based in London, UK. Besides big data consulting and training, the company offers data engineering and data science services.
The company focuses on such industries as Retail, Media, Telecommunications, and Commerce.
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Core clients: Not revealed
Pay per hour: $100 — $149
Number of employees: 10–49

17. Dexlock

Established in 2012, Dexlock is an Indian company that delivers big data services. Among them are large data store development and deep learning/machine learning implementation. The company’s technological expertise includes Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and more.
Dexlock works with the Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Energy and other industries.
Headquarters: Kochi, India
Core clients: FindCharisma, Splash of Colors, StatFuel, MyPeepz
Pay per hour: < $25
Number of employees: 50–249

18. 47Billion

47Billion is a bespoke software development company that provides mobile and web development and UI/UX design. Besides these services, the company delivers end-to-end big data analysis, consulting, and engineering.
The company’s industrial focus includes IT, Gaming, and Consumer Services. 47Billion’s clients include Cisco, Nazara, and Apsalar.
Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Core clients: Cisco, Nazara, Apsalar
Pay per hour: $25 — $49
Number of employees: 50–249

19. 51zero

51zero is a UK-based company that specializes in big data services providing. The company delivers big data consulting and solutions development and focuses on the financial service domain.
The company’s pool of technological experts deploys such big data technologies as Spark, Apache Kafka, Docker, and others.
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Core clients: HSBC, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays
Pay per hour: $200 — $300
Number of employees: 2–9

20. SCI-BI

SCI-BI is a company based in India. With more than seven years of experience, the company specializes in big data consulting and engineering. The company also helps with data integration strategy.
SCI-BI’s big data technological expertise includes Cloudera and Hortonworks. The company focuses explicitly on Logistics and Retail.
Headquarters: Chennai, India
Core clients: Executive Planning Services, USA SaasByDesign Inc, USA Caravel Logistics
Pay per hour: < $25
Number of employees: 10–49


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