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The Tainted Abyss: The Deep Web

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Think of the internet as a large ocean and every Whale, Shark, Fish, Algea, etc are all websites. Pretty big right? That’s how big the Internet is, now imagine that, but a 1,000,000 times more bigger. This is what is known as the Deep Web. The reason for it being call that is well…self-explanatory. The internet can be categorised as websites that are indexed and readily available to everyone using standard browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc), and then there is the deep web. The deep web consists of websites that essentially can’t be found using search engines and are indexed differently than standard websites.

A common misconception that people get mixed up about is the difference between the “Deep Web” and the “Dark Web”. As mentioned, the deep web is any website that can’t be found using standard web searches. On the other hand, the Dark Web is a certain section of the internet that has been intentionally hidden and thus inaccessible using standard browsers. A common browser used when it comes to the Dark web is TOR.

Although the Dark web contains a lot (and I mean alot) of very graphic images, videos, and posts. All is not lost in the Dark Web. The Dark web is a good source of information when used properly, although one would not advise somebody to use the Dark Web as a primary source of information as many have been “SWATTED”, which has now become an ongoing gag within the Dark Web community.

In the end, the internet is a very vast place and in today’s world, is the key to almost all aspects of daily life. As wild as it may seem, we must come to terms that we will never be able to know everything and who know…maybe the internet will grow strong enough to take a physical form and conquer the planet.


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