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The Show Must Go On: Producing a Virtual Nonprofit Event

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Virtual events are nothing new. Yet COVID-19 has people scrapping travel itineraries and signing up for online sessions, workshops, and classes. Instead of a crowded expo floor, they'll be watching educational and informational sessions in their homes.

Taking your event online has some benefits:

  • Operational costs are reduced compared to an in-person conference.
  • More people can potentially attend.
  • When recorded, you have content you can reuse or potentially monetize.

So how can you make the show go on? As we all pivot from face-to-face events to virtual options, we've identified some good resources so you can easily access some of the best practices for video conferencing and online events.

Take a look.

Online Meeting Resources Toolkit for Facilitators

This robust guide from Facilitators for Pandemic Response group covers a variety of topics to help those shifting from in-person events and workshops to online meetings.

Some of the topics include

#NPCOVID19 from Beth Kanter and Others

We keep pointing to this list because it's so great and continues to add resources daily. It's a Google Doc crowdsourced by Beth Kanter and 19 other people including TechSoup's Susan Tenby. Some highlights include

Additional Resources

And Some from TechSoup


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