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The Red Signalby@agathachristie

The Red Signal

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Superintendent Battle was standing in the library at Wyvvern Abbey. George Lomax, seated before a desk overflowing with papers, was frowning portentously. Superintendent Battle had opened proceedings by making a brief and business-like report. Since then, the conversation had lain almost entirely with George, and Battle had contented himself with making brief and usually monosyllabic replies to the other’s questions. On the desk, in front of George, was the packet of letters Anthony had found on his dressing-table. “I can’t understand it at all,” said George irritably, as he picked up the packet. “They’re in code, you say?” “Just so, Mr. Lomax.” “And where does he say he found them—on his dressing-table?” Battle repeated, word for word, Anthony Cade’s account of how he had come to regain possession of the letters.
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