The Potential of pixEOS by@Jeremy Nation
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The Potential of pixEOS

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pixEOS NFTs Will Be A Game Changer On The EOS Blockchain

Insights on the pixEOS platform from a member of the team.

I’ve talked about NFTs before, but let’s review. Simply put, NFTs are blockchain based tokens that represent digital assets, allowing them to exhibit unique traits, become counterfeit proof, and be tracked on a consensus based decentralized ledger. We’ve seen standards arise for NFTs on platforms like the Ethereum blockchain, through the Bitcoin / Counterparty extensions, and with Torn.

On EOS, the pixEOS team is busy working with our partners in the dGoods initiative, rolling out the standards for the NFT protocols of the future. While the code behind NFTs is hashed out, pixEOS is creating what will be a vibrant ecosystem for gamers, artists, developers, and collectors that will harness the true potential of NFT enabled commerce. I want to take some time to talk a bit more about pixEOS, and why I think it has the potential to revolutionize the world of art, collecting, and gaming.


The pixEOS hub.

pixEOS is changing the EOS ecosystem, the art world, gaming and the cryptocurrency ecosphere as a whole. Our flagship decentralized application, or dApp, is named pixEOS Paint. It’s an interactive digital canvas, built on the EOS blockchain. We’ve implemented a staking and profit sharing tokenomic system into the canvas, and that’s just the beginning. This canvas represents the nascent phase of development for an NFT protocol that will enable other facets of the pixEOS platform, including our Art Gallery, Art House, Auction House, Personal Canvases, and a series of upcoming games reliant on NFT based assets.

Ultimately pixEOS will provide all inhabitants of the EOS ecosystem a means to generate their own NFTs substantiating the art they create or submit to the platform. In addition, pixEOS will open up a global marketplace, allowing for the purchase, sale, and transfer of digital assets represented by NFTs. These NFTS will fall in line with standards which are set to be adopted universally across the ecosystem, thanks to our active participation with the dGoods digital standards initiative. As such, blockchain backed entries for NFTS substantiating art will eliminate any questions over provenance, and smart contract powered exchanges of ownership will cut any costs extracted from users by third party transfer fees.

Creating a marketplace for NFTs and tackling art provenance is a small part of the larger pixEOS vision. pixEOS has built a reward based token staking economy that hinges on the redistribution of a percentage of platform volume to participants who stake their PIXEOS Tokens. Right now, the pixEOS Paint dApp represents the first of such pixEOS platform elements from which volume is allocated to platform stakers. We will expand this reward system to encompass the volume from other facets of the platform as they go live. The reward system will eventually be tied to the Art House and Auction House marketplace proceeds as well as direct sales from NFTs from Galleries, and additional games that we be introducing to the platform.


Image by Fabi Yamada.

Driving Forward Mass Adoption For Crypto

One of the thing that we believe really drives adoption is ease of use, which is why we’ve partnered with a number of major players in the EOS ecosystem, including many of the major wallet service providers. We did this so to maximize ease of use when it comes to interacting with the family of pixEOS dApps. For example with pixEOS Paint, we engineered the dApp to work on both mobile and desktop platforms, so as many people could access the game as possible. On our side, the UX/UI developers are close to releasing an amazing new front end, allowing our community to navigate between different facets of the pixEOS platform in a futuristic cyber-metropolis that expands and evolves as we add more features.

As I mentioned briefly earlier, pixEOS is also working closely with the dGoods initiative to standardize NFT protocols across the EOS ecosystem which will create opportunities for interoperability between dApps which will bring more options to users when developers embrace the way dApps can interface with one another.

We want to onboard as many people as possible to EOS as we can, so the team has been providing newcomers to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology free EOS accounts (with some practical vetting to safeguard against abuse.) This is a commitment the team has made; we want to ensure everyone who needs an EOS account has one.


Image by Stellabelle.

Developing At The Speed Of Blockchain

Our team has been burning the midnight oil in order to bring an entire platform live in less than 2 months. Our engineers are quite gifted, and over the course of development our team’s innovative approach solved an issue surrounding history nodes, a solution which can be applied by other EOS developers. Because we’ve got such talented individuals, the only constraining factor we have is time; we need time to be able to roll out the additional iterations of the platform.

Having stated this however, if you check out the team’s recent progress and history of achieving our goals you’ll see we haven’t disappointed; pixEOS is in it for the long haul and we’re delivering in the short term as well. In a relatively short time his team has built an entire community from nothing, ran a successful fundraise during bear market conditions, created a dApp from the ground up and went live in less than 2 months, deployed a staking protocol on the EOS main net, built meaningful connections across the entire ecosystem and has also joined the dGoods initiative to stratify the NFT protocol for other dApps to follow in our footsteps across the EOS ecosphere.

Part of the reason we’ve succeeded in developing so rapidly can be attributed to EOS itself. As a platform, EOS simply has the architecture, governance, ease of use, and reliability we need. On top of that, the sheer positive energy of the EOS community is an enormous factor on productivity. We believe that EOS can currently scale to properly handle the potential that the pixEOS platform has to offer without presenting the kind of transaction processing issues and subsequent high fees that have made it impractical to use blockchain based networks. In addition, when proper security practices are followed EOS provides an extremely secure environment in which to develop; considering the fact that so much is at stake, we find that to be both comforting, and paramount to our decision to carry out our work on the EOS blockchain.

We found a unique opportunity in EOS; people wanted a creative outlet, and after many projects had seemed to harness this and then fizzle away into vapor, we wanted to contribute something that would deliver this to users in a lasting and meaningful way that wouldn’t just go up in smoke. It was literally a wing and a prayer that put us in this position; we found something for which there was an overwhelming demand, and then we set out to deliver it. We were very lucky to get the support of block producers early on, and that sort of snowballed when people began to grasp the true nature of the idea behind pixEOS, and the potential it has to revolutionize the worlds of art and gaming forever.


Image by Yusaymon.

Building Value Within The Platform

Rather than focus on the extracting value from the ecosystem that provided the building blocks for the platform, we’ve doubled down on building value into pixEOS. This will enrich EOS in turn, and it will be a means for everyone to engage in activities and commerce, whether they’re casual or competitive gamers, artists, or collectors. We have accounts for a myriad of different factors with staking and redistribution system that drives the pixEOS profit-sharing engine, which is meant to ensure the longevity of the token. Ultimately we’re going to be establishing fiat-gates for our pixEOS Store, allowing for the exchange of PIXEOS Tokens for goods from the shop.

On the road to building a strong token, pixEOS has made strategic allegiances with several block producers in the EOS ecosystem. We believe that by engaging in outreach and working with others towards similar goals we can all achieve more. In that vein, we’ve been able to thrive thanks to our partnerships that have expanded the scope and influence of the pixEOS platform in order to expand and bring amazing art and opportunities to a growing community.

We also know that it takes feedback and input from multiple individuals to properly fine tune a user driven platform like pixEOS. From that basis we have always kept an ear to the community, and when push comes to shove, we listen and try to make the best decision for everyone. We realize that without the community we serve the project wouldn’t exist in the first place. We appreciate the feedback and interaction we have with everyone who reaches out to us.

pixEOS is fundamentally based on profit-sharing, and that’s why our unique staking system drives back a percentage of all volume back to the participants on the platform. To give back to the community to which we owe so much, we literally want to spread the wealth around. It’s our way of showing you all that we’re dedicated to the idea of a rising tide that lifts all boats; our success is yours.


Image by Joe Chiappetta.

The Right Place At The Right Time

We were very lucky to have access to a team of assertive people from the beginning. As we continued to grow and set loftier goals, our team began to grow. It was sort of a law of attraction situation; the right people came to us at the right time and things just came together. I think this speaks to the blockchain industry in general; so many people are interested in working on something and building something new and amazing. Our team happens to be rich in these types of individuals, and the outpouring of community support that we’ve seen has been, at times, overwhelming.

As creators who are building with a burgeoning technology, we have the advantage of developing alongside other amazing teams who are also trying to drive practical tools to the ecosystem. This creates an enormous opportunity for partnership building towards interoperability between dApps in a thriving environment. Blockchain technology is driving forward a sort of creative environment where we have seen a growing potential and opportunities for startups, and pixEOS was lucky enough to harness that and flesh it out into an amazing project.

If you haven’t already, check out pixEOS paint, paint something amazing, mint some PIXEOS Tokens, and start staking them to earn rewards.



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