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The #PhoneChallenge 😈📱

Hey Internet, I have a challenge for you. Yeah you.

(If you want to see the video version of this watch here:

Go on your iPhone or your Android, go to your settings, check your battery and examine your usage.

When you go to do that. It’s going to be startling. I guarantee you, you’re spending way more time… caring about other peoples sh*t then you think! It’s wild how much time people spend just… looking at other peoples stuff. Just admiring what Sally is doing, or what Mike was up to. That’s an issue!

If you’re spending 4,5,6 hours a week just blindly consuming content you’re missing out on what you could produce! What about yourself? What about you? That’s my point. Take 1 hour away from and app and gift it back to yourself to make something! Write a poem. Make a video. Exercise!

For me thats what writing this is. I realized I was consuming way too much content. I was NEVER producing anything. I grew up making YouTube videos.. I had a big phase where I wanted to be a DJ so I made house music using ableton live. If you notice that you’re spending an absurd amount of time scrolling through the feed every single night or just catching that last tweet…Then take a minute and force yourself to make something.

My Instagram usage is outrageous.

Take a screenshot using #PhoneChallenge to join the party. It’s interesting to see what takes our time away from us.

If you made it this far, thank you for taking time to read and I hope you take part in the #PhoneChallenge

Say hi — we’ll be friends~


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