The Passing of the Ape-Manby@edgarriceburroughs

The Passing of the Ape-Man

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The next morning they set out upon the short journey to Tarzan’s cabin. Four Waziri bore the body of the dead Englishman. It had been the ape-man’s suggestion that Clayton be buried beside the former Lord Greystoke near the edge of the jungle against the cabin that the older man had built. Jane Porter was glad that it was to be so, and in her heart of hearts she wondered at the marvelous fineness of character of this wondrous man, who, though raised by brutes and among brutes, had the true chivalry and tenderness which only associates with the refinements of the highest civilization.
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by Edgar Rice Burroughs @edgarriceburroughs.Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American author, known for his prolific output in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
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