The Palmer Method of Business Writing: Lesson 115by@palmer
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The Palmer Method of Business Writing: Lesson 115

by A. N. PalmerDecember 25th, 2022
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Drill 138
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The Palmer Method of Business Writing, by A. N. Palmer is part of the HackerNoon Books series. You can jump to any chapter in this book here. Lesson 115


Drill 138

Begin this lesson with your usual movement drills.

First practice drill one hundred and thirty-eight in sections, word by word. Follow with a full page of the completed copy, and do not neglect to criticise results. Height, spacing, and slant should receive special attention.

In the following lessons are given copies in line-writing from which pages should be written. It may be easy for some students who cannot maintain uniform excellence throughout a page to write one or two lines well. The object of your practice should be attractive work and commercial speed. To attain this end, study the appearance of the finished line and page from time to time, and always try to harmonize the writing with the space it occupies.

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