The Palmer Method of Business Writing: Lesson 111by@palmer
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The Palmer Method of Business Writing: Lesson 111

by A. N. PalmerDecember 21st, 2022
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Drill 133
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Drill 133

Capital W should be very closely studied. The tendency is to slant the last part too much, tipping it away from the first part. The upward stroke beginning the second part is a right curve, and the construction of the last part and the appearance of the entire letter are to a considerable extent dependent upon that line.

In making the first part there should be a stop at the base line. This will aid very much in the construction of the last part of the letter. The last line in the letter, it will be noticed, is shorter than the two center strokes. It is unlikely that students who fail to study its construction closely will learn to make a good capital W. The rate should be between forty and fifty letters to a minute. Do not neglect the word practice.

Write about sixteen words to the minute.

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