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The One Tip to Increase Energy You Have Definitely Never Heard Before

Simple, silly, and superb

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Have you ever found yourself staring into the abyss, with not a thought in your mind?

Your eyes slowly start to shut, and you jump back into action only to repeat the same exact process 5 minutes later.

Maybe you are in class.

Maybe you are at your desk.

Maybe you are sitting in the chair at the barber or nail salon.

Wherever you are, you know it is not time for your eyes to fully close!

So, What do You do?

I’m tired of reading the same things all the time.

I’m tired of giving and receiving the same recommendations.

I’m tired of not learning anything new.

Aren’t you?

I want to provide you with something unique.

Something different.

Something playful.

Something awesome.

What is a quick, in the moment, immediate fix to this common problem?

It’s summer time here, and summer brings out the weirdest of the weird in New York City, I love it.

You have people walk around topless, you have people walk around bottomless, you have people walk around with bottoms on their top and tops on their bottom!

It’s hot and humid out here and people go to great lengths to stay cool. The other day I saw a guy in what I thought was a pool of sweat take his backpack off his back, whip out a spray bottle like he was about to wet his hair before a haircut, and just squirt himself in the face!

It was hilarious. But then I got to thinking.

When I am dozing off, whether it was back in school, the office, at home, and I want to up my energy levels, I always either go to the bathroom and splash water in my face, or I try to rub my eyes with some cold water out of a water bottle or something. But what if I could do that from anywhere at any time?

Spray it Don’t Say it!

Here is a 4-step process to immediately get your energy back, that I guarantee nobody has ever told you before:

1. Invest < $5 in a spray bottle

2. Fill it up with cold water

3. Carry it around in your bag

4. When you get those droopy eyes, give yourself a big spray right in the face!

Sure, you may get a few funny looks, and you’ll be a little wet for a few seconds, but it certainly beats the embarrassment of falling asleep someplace you’re not supposed to, and it is definitely better than spending the rest of the day groggy and annoyed!

So, remember, the next time you are tired,

Spray it Don’t Say It!

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