The Microservice Weekly #98

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Decomposing a monolithic app into multiple microservices

In this eBook you will learn about the basics of “decomposing” a monolith into microservices and why it is a worthwhile effort for your project. You will also learn about commonly considered microservices best practices and how you can apply them.

Production grade Kubernetes on AWS: 3 tips for networking, ingress and microservices

There are many decisions to be made when setting up a production cluster, we’ve struggled for quite a while to understand the different available options, networking in the container world is quite hard, there are many competing technologies, load balancing and controlling external traffic can get complicated and how to get started with internal service communication has many options, in this article we’ll show you the decisions we made and found that work out well for us.

Centralized vs. decentralized CI / CD strategies for multiple teams

The question is whether or not one should go on a centralized, or a decentralized strategy for setting up continuous integration for multiple teams inside the same organization.

Scaling Event Sourcing for Netflix Downloads, Episode 1

Early in 2016, several Netflix teams were asked the question: “What would it take to allow members to download and view content offline on their mobile devices?”

From Monolith to Microservices: One Company’s Plan

There’s more than one way to skim a monolith. There seem to be two popular ways system designers do it — diving in head first or taking forever to chip away, by being too careless or too cautious.

Optimizing web servers for high throughput and low latency

We are going to discuss efficiency/performance optimizations of different layers of the system. Starting from the lowest levels like hardware and drivers: these tunings can be applied to pretty much any high-load server.

Microservice Principles: Smart Endpoints and Dumb Pipes

As engineering organizations transition from building monolithic architecture to building microservices architecture one challenge they often face is understanding how to enable communications between microservices.

In brief:

* Training: Building Microservices with Node.js

* An Intro to Access Control Frameworks

* The Journey to Microservices from a Startup Perspective

* Nudge theory: influencing empowered teams to do the things that matter to you

* Building a Culture of Reliability