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Challenge Unlocked, The Project Is Launched

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@desrocmMichelle Desrochers

Sr. Program Manager at Kin

I'm the program manager on the developer experience team at Kin and have been working hard with Devpost and the team here to launch the Kin Crypto Challenge. Today, I am happy to announce that it is now live! We’re calling all mobile developers to take the Kin Crypto Challenge and build creative and addictive peer-to-peer Kin experiences. 

The challenge is designed to help developers take their mobile app to the next level by integrating Kin experiences that encourage social, peer-to-peer interaction, community building, and increased retention. Kin will give away over $80,000 in prizes, including $25,000 and a marketing package valued at $2,000 for first place. 

Kin is helping developers create amazing peer-to-peer experiences within their apps and providing developers with an additional source of revenue. By rewarding developers for creating incredible user experiences and giving users the ability to seamlessly use Kin across apps, the Kin Ecosystem is building an entire digital world where people are meaningfully rewarded for their online contributions. We’re really excited to see what kinds of creative implementations developers enter into the Kin Crypto Challenge.

Developers participating in this challenge are required to integrate the Kin SDK into their mobile app and submit your project to Devpost by October 14th. Each app has to incorporate at least one social feature with Kin. This can be a leaderboard, group challenges sponsored in Kin, user-to-user tipping in Kin, or anything else you can think of.

There are “Mini Challenges” 

This is my favorite part. On top of the prizes in USD participants can win, the first 100 eligible developers can get 200M Kin for going live and up to 100M Kin for completing Mini Challenges. The Mini Challenges are designed to actually help guide developers through their projects and remind them to promote themselves and give feedback. We will be releasing new challenges throughout the Kin Crypto Challenge to keep it interesting. Checkout details on the Mini Challenges page.

I’m excited to see which apps will join this competition. If you have an app in mind and was contemplating about starting a project, or if you know someone that you think can fit this program, please share and have them sign up for this challenge


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