The Keep Truckin ELD: cool and cost-effective by@scottj

The Keep Truckin ELD: cool and cost-effective

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ELD, Electronic Logging Device is an integral part of every truck. The ELD device is aimed at creating a safe and efficient environment for truck drivers. The ELD device is a component of all commercial trucks. It helps to maintain an easy logging and tracking of location, engine diagnostics, and driver activity. The ELD help both the drivers and the business by improving the efficiency and maintain accurate records.

The KeepTruckin ELD is one of the top ELD devices. It is easy to use, compliant and affordable ELD that comes with some of the best in class features.

Its myriad attractive features

The KeepTruckin ELD is extremely accurate, reliable and quite simple in its usage. The User Interface of the application is clear, modern and convenient. The most highlighting factor is that the ELD comes updated and compliant with all of the current FMCSA requirements. Thus, it comes as no surprise why it is quite popular among truck drivers and Fleet businesses.

The product comes with an ELD device and a mobile application. The application needs to be installed in a phone or a tablet and the ELD device in your vehicle must be connected to it. The application is free and has both Android and iOS support and the device connection can be done via USB or Bluetooth. Once the connection is established real-time recording is automatically done.

The product is equipped with incredible telematics features with driver safety measure, engine diagnostics, tampering alerts being among few of the newly released features. The data recorded is in mandate with the current ELD requirements.

The product also comes with additional 6-pin and 9-pin cables and a DOT reference card. What truly sets it apart from its competitors is its accuracy, easy installation, and affordability.

The most efficient ELD

The KeepTrucking ELD provides truck drivers with a seamless interface and is one of the best BYOD out there. The KeepTruckin support staff is available on call any time, seven days a week.

The product offers all the services requires for efficient trucking, optimal costs and acing inspections. It allows drivers and staff to send messages, view logs and prevent HOS (hours of service) violations before they occur. Users can choose from the variety of plans they have to offer.

Their basic plan comes with a subscription cost of $20 a month, with automatic logging, fleet management, and messaging features. Their advanced plans just cost 10 dollars more with an advanced smart dashcam, vehicle utilization monitoring and customized vehicle inspections.

Thus it comes as no surprise why the Keep Truckin ELD is the top ELD device available in the market today.

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by scott @scottj.Scott Jack is Guest blogger And digital marketing expert. Also, loves music, travelling, adventure,
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