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The infrastructure of Kick Ecosystem

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KickICO was created in 2017 to create a safer means of raising capital for enterprises in the blockchain sector. The Initial Coin Offering model was broken, creating opportunities for rogue developers and providing zero transparency or protection for consumers. KickEX is the primary entry point for new users including traders, investors and miners. Users are then able to access the fundraising platform and to other services and back. All services are linked to KickID — the unified ID services, a B2B solution, that will become a part of our ecosystem.

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Kick Ecosystem

a one-stop-shop for fintech transformation

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We launched KickICO in 2017 to create a safer means of raising capital for enterprises in the blockchain sector, and to open that safer new channel to a community of investors.

In its first two years, the KickICO platform had played a key role in helping over 35 startups to raise 800,000 ETH.

However, ICOs have vanished and IEOs have been labeled as “scam” right in the beginning since its non-transparent realization that various exchanges have implemented and did not make it fair and transparent like was described in our White Paper.

Anticipating this back in 2017, and clearly understanding that the ICOs that were done in such way will soon die out, we began to build not just another platform for fundraising, but a large ecosystem in which fundraising is just one core element of our broader vision for a new financial paradigm driven by mainstream use of digital assets.

The birth of Kick Ecosystem

The primary services and pioneering concepts at the heart of Kick Ecosystem came about through necessity. The Initial Coin Offering model was broken, creating opportunities for rogue developers and providing zero transparency or protection for consumers.

We found no exchange using a better model, and so we created our own; The initial exchange offering (IEO) and auction-based initial coin offering (AIO). It was not just the sale models that needed fixing, but exchanges too. Many were using ICO and IEOs for their own benefit, to the detriment of all other market participants, so we decided to launch our own exchange, KickEX, which could lead the way in open, trustworthy token finance.

In developing the exchange infrastructure, it became obvious that many services could be developed for enterprise use or harnessed by other projects. KickID, for example, is used in WHIRL, and our subsidiary blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform is used for private individuals, not companies.

Until now, the fintech sector has consisted of myriad apps scattered across the cryptoverse, defined more by their poor user journeys and barriers to entry than their innovation and traction. There has been no single entry point into the world of fintech, which helps to explain the gap between rapid technological progress and adoption. No single platform exists that brings together every service that individuals and businesses need, that anyone can use. That is the Kick Ecosystem vision. Every service, made for all: Beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.

We believe a one-stop hub for cryptocurrency services will be the driving force in mainstream adoption, but also that individual products and services can be useful to traditional enterprises without dependency on mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Using Kick Ecosystem as the foundation, we are releasing autonomous global services that allow for interoperability to create an ambitious financial services network that far exceeds any current model.

By harnessing critical elements from P2P, B2B, and SaaS technologies, we’re able to design and implement a range of autonomous services that can function both independently and in synergy with each other as part of the ecosystem.

With unparalleled usability and integration at their core, our services can be applied to a virtually limitless range of commercial applications in non-crypto projects, from gaming to e-commerce and retail.

The Kick Ecosystem model for growth

Every element within the Kick Ecosystem performs an important role in the exponential growth of users and partners.

KickEX is the primary entry point for new users including traders, investors and miners. Users are then able to access the fundraising platform and to other services and back. All services are linked to KickID — the unified ID services, a B2B solution, which is offered to external business, that will become a part of our ecosystem.

KickID and KickWallet are the core tools which enable users to seamlessly navigate the network of products and services, while KickRef gives them a role in the organic scaling of our user base.

For commercial partners, the advantages and synergies of operating within the Kick Ecosystem are obvious. Businesses can transform their bottom lines, access a qualified consumer base and bring the benefits of Kick to their existing database of users.

A unified standard of service

Reliable implementation and the development of standards will be key to the success of Kick.

Each service is developed by a separate team with a single protocol, standards and API. Services are modular in design, with the ability to function as a stand-alone product and as part of the wider ecosystem. All Kick services are compatible with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, although they can be configured to operate with or without them.

Thanks to a single standard of communication between services and IPAs, the ecosystem can be easily expanded with other services that do not yet exist.

Top-notch security

From the very beginning of exchange development, security and decentralization of user funds have been key priorities for us. We employ CISCO next-generation hardware firewalls, DELL server hardware stacks, geographically distributed data centers and cloud hosting services based on private networks with the latest generation of encryption.

We also use the most advanced and modern data access algorithms, and third-party detection and prevention mechanisms with updated real-time signatures of new types and methods of attack.

Security is further enhanced with proprietary, provider-level mitigation services for DDoS attacks, automatic start-of-the-attack protection mode if suspicious activity is detected and Trusted Platform Module systems that protect against physical access to servers.

These and many other security measures and technologies allow us to guarantee the clear and uninterrupted operation of all services and the safety of user funds.

“Ecosystematic” Strategy

Our fundamental strategy for the expansion of Kick Ecosystem is to design tools and services that solve the challenges we face ourselves. That’s how KickID and KickRef were born.

That strategic vision flows through everything we do, from high-level roadmaps to each service and mechanic. This is the reason that the entire architecture of the Kiсk Ecosystem is built using a microservices model. Each service can function independently, which increases fault tolerance — a problem in one part of the system does not affect other services — and the chance to operate each service as a stand-alone project.

Our team mirrors our technology, with a large group of developers divided into smaller teams responsible for each product. Microservices communicate with each other through a common, unified communication protocol that allows us to make B2C products such as KickEX exchange and then evolve them for enterprise use.

Our strategy can be seen in the creation and evolution of the KickID and KickRef services. First, we created them for ourselves, debugged, optimized, and further understood what features were necessary for success. Now we are transforming these services into B2B products suitable for third-party use.

The evolution of microservices into independent B2B products expands the entire Kick Ecosystem exponentially. Each new user who registers via KickID or KickEX becomes part of our ecosystem, with the opportunity to utilise and easily switch between any services. Having registered and verified once, each user’s journey through the ecosystem will be seamless.

Our strategy is based on synergy, the snowball effect, and business virality. By implementing new parts of the ecosystem, new services, which will then be distributed by other companies, projects and businesses, we believe our technology and values can transform any sector for the good of every enterprise and its end users.

Each new member of the ecosystem will enjoy all the benefits that were created by members that came before them and create value for the community they join. Using these principles of leverage and synergy to drive our exponential growth strategy, we are creating right now, the connected digital world of tomorrow.


KickID is an end-to-end authorization and authentication service that connects all of our services and enables full access to the Kick Ecosystem through registration and universal KYC verification. As well as being an essential component of Kick Ecosystem, KickID is also the perfect tool for businesses seeking access to a single database of users already registered in the ecosystem, or who need an effective stand-alone solution for registering and verifying their users.

KickID was designed to slash the cost of KYC by requiring users to be verified only once. As the ecosystem grows and more users install KickID, KYC overheads decrease further. Over time, that cost will drop to virtually zero, saving businesses who operate on Kick millions of dollars.

By removing the need for new customers to complete verification more than once, KickID optimises consumer user journeys and has the potential to dramatically increase conversion rates for all third-party businesses that have integrated KickID for themselves.

Access to a pool of active accredited consumers gives business not only a valuable new acquisition channel but also enables them to develop more competitive offers and reward programmes. Businesses who use KickID can also reduce or eliminate the time and cost involved in processing data, payments and verification while ensuring they meet all compliance obligations for their jurisdiction.


KickRef is a zero-cost multi-level marketing solution that can be used to drive quality traffic to almost any online product or service. In just 6 months and with no marketing budget, KickRef has proven its effectiveness by acquiring 1 million users with a genuine interest in KickEX.

KickRef uses a 10-level referral model that any online business can harness to create viral growth with minimal cost, effort, or risk.

By distributing a part of the company’s profits proportionally throughout a user’s network of referrals, the KickRef model is perfectly suited to businesses such as online games, gambling, and e-commerce. Just as KickID is able to improve registration and conversion rates, KickRef can increase traffic, create an instant user base, improve average customer value and reduce churn.

Like every proven Kick product that is tested and optimised within our own Ecosystem first, KickRef can be customized to specific business requirements. Rewards can be configured to suit specific business models and audiences using real money, game points, bonuses, and other virtual items.

Affiliate programmes should be simple, quick, and effective tools for its user-evangelists. With built-in tools such as leagues, ratings, statistics, and messengers, KickRef is a powerful enterprise affiliate solution for promotion and growth.


The KickEX digital asset exchange is the core feature of Kick Ecosystem. With pioneering trading functionality, enhanced security, and innovative reward mechanisms, we are certain that believe our exchange can become the gold standard for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges suffer from a limited selection of order types: market order, limit order, and simple stop-order. As a result, traders have to use various third-party services and software to implement their strategies. KickEX smart orders such as trailing or double stops, chain orders, and others, allow users to automate their trading and maximise profits. These features also allow novices to trade professionally without the need to buy and master additional software tools, reducing the skill gap between beginners and professional traders.


Three years after the first initial coin offerings rewrote the rules of fundraising, token sales are still the primary means of fundraising for blockchain projects. But not all ICO platforms are equal. KickICO is a fundraising platform underpinned by a ready-made audience engaged by social features.

From the technology we use to the features we’ve provided and messaging across every, KickICO reflects the wider values of Kick Ecosystem. With such a high profile history of fraud and unethical behavior, it’s critical that fundraising is open, transparent, fair, and safe.

Launching a fundraising campaign is just the first step for blockchain projects. We empower projects to exceed their campaign goals with a complete toolkit which includes automated advertising capabilities to maximise reach with minimal effort.

KickICO has remained at the forefront of crypto fundraising with a pioneering Auction Initial Offering (AIO) fundraising model invented by the Kick team. Projects will soon have access to a new Security Token Offerings (STO) model too.

Campaigns launched via KickICO have greater potential thanks to integrations with KickEX exchange and other Kick services such as KickID. By allowing projects to conduct multi-platform token sales through KickICO, KickEX, and their own channels using a simple, secure widget, Kick Ecosystem offers blockchain projects the best possible chance of success.

We recognise that social fundraising is an increasingly important means of attracting investment and generating early demand for innovative technology. As a result, KickICO comes pre-loaded with widgets for forums, websites, and blogs, as well as integrations with KickRed referral marketing features which allow users to earn money by attracting backers to fundraising campaigns.

By connecting KickICO with KickEX and KickRef, we supply projects with an organic, free flow of verified users with a confirmed interest in emerging technologies that only the most expensive PR campaigns could achieve.

Together, the Kick Ecosystem tools make KickICO the most powerful, one-stop fundraising and marketing platform in crypto.


KickMessenger is an instant communication tool created for use with KickRef as well as, but now available for a wide range of B2B use cases.

Unlike other messenger applications that facilitate anonymity, KickMessenger requires users to be verified, although communications and content remain secure and private.

By integrating KickMessenger with the Kick Ecosystem, fraudulent or spam users can be identified and blocked throughout the network with a single click, reducing the impact and cost of criminal or unethical behavior.

We believe transparency and accountability are crucial to the long term success of Kick services and are also fundamental requirements for enterprise use. Unlike most messenger applications where illegal behavior is allowed by platform owners to flourish, KickMessenger does not support anonymity and ensures that users who breach the law or platform terms will be held accountable for their actions.

We made KiсkMessenger both for ourselves and for all projects who require a simple and easy-to-integrate messenger. Although originally designed for Kick Ecosystem users, we will release a stand-alone version of KickMessenger software which can be easily integrated with external B2C and B2B platforms.


KickWallet is our native solution which allows users to conveniently and safely store, send and spend their funds.

Users can easily store a range of digital assets, manage their portfolio, deposit, convert, and withdraw. The KickWallet roadmap includes support for credit and debit cards, and once released, gives users a single payment gateway for all businesses within the ecosystem, and enables businesses to quickly integrate a wallet solution into their applications.

Currently, KickWallet is a B2C service within the KickEX exchange, and fully functions as a custodian service. For B2B use, we are combining the technology behind KickWallet andKickMobile to offer a portfolio of funds and tokens, deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds, and simple and quick conversion of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Depending on demand, we may also introduce a physical payment card linked to KickWallet.


KickAcquire is a planned crypto-enabled payment gateway for personal and enterprise use which allows users to deposit to, transact with and withdraw funds from cryptocurrency projects.

For crypto projects that cannot access traditional banking services, KickAcquire will give them the ability to accept payments and guarantee secure custody of funds.

Thanks to one-click integration with products and services as well as simple widgets, merchants can accept cryptocurrencies without the usual hassle or risk involved in creating their own infrastructures.

As with all Kick Ecosystem services, KickAcquire will also leverage the power of KickID to increase conversion, as many users will already be verified.

KickAcquire will be a B2B solution for enterprise use.


KickCPA is more than just a dedicated digital advertising tool for the cryptocurrency sector. As a means of reaching bigger audiences and rewarding acquisition in an honest and transparent way, KickCPA is a blessing for everyone in the cryptosphere.

Existing ad networks do not serve the needs of blockchain organisations and particularly fundraising projects. For crypto projects looking for initial investment, acquiring investors through digital marketing has become prohibitively expensive. And with some of the biggest ad networks, crypto marketing may not be possible at all.

Advertisers often end up paying for vanity metrics such as clicks and views and are at higher risk of fraud.

KickCPA solves these problems by enabling projects to raise funds through KickICO and pay only when leads convert from a visit to investment.

KickCPA also enables publishers, bloggers, and individuals with an online audience to generate revenue by serving ads that drive meaningful traffic to KickICO campaigns and result in backing.

Once it has proven its worth on KickICO, the technology behind KickCPA will be extended beyond KickICO fundraising to provide an independent advertising network that third-party businesses


We believe in empowering our users with both effective products and vital knowledge. KickAcademy is an online learning centre which covers all aspects of cryptocurrencies and trading. With tools such as our unique trailing stop constructor, inexperienced traders can accelerate their learning curve, understand how markets function and how to place orders without risking their own funds.

Our institute also publishes comprehensive and exclusive data about the latest academic research in the crypto markets, investments, exchanges, and fintech fields:

One in Two Crypto Users is a Referral ProgramStudy of the crypto community opinion and level of trust in stablecoinsResearch on the usage of orders on crypto-exchangesWhat is KYC and why the global crypto community needs user identification?

There are also educational articles for beginners and professional crypto traders to learn the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, trading strategies, risk managementindicators, and other crypto trading professional tools. All the materials are available on the official academy website for free.

The studies made by KickAcademy team are being regularly published in top crypto media like DeCenter, Hackernoon, Coinspeaker.

Mosaic Wallet

After being credited to the client’s exchange wallet, the cryptocurrency is transferred to the Mosaic Wallet to ensure reliable storage and eliminate the risk of cryptocurrency theft from the client’s cryptocurrency wallet.

In Mosaic Wallet, cryptocurrency during its life-time is not stored in the same cryptocurrency wallet but moves between different cryptocurrency wallets at a certain frequency. At the same time, Mosaic Wallets, on which the cryptocurrency was already stored, do not participate in the further stages of the cryptocurrency life-cycle. The frequency of movement of cryptocurrency between Mosaic Wallets is set in the system settings. This approach can significantly reduce the risks of theft of clients’ money from the Mosaic Wallet cryptocurrency wallets.

In addition, various types of cryptocurrency wallets are installed within the Mosaic Wallet, depending on the maximum amount of cryptocurrency allowed to be stored in this wallet.

Thus, the risk is divided into different areas, such as R1, R2, R3. For example, the R1 wallet does not allow storing cryptocurrency in the equivalent of more than 100 USDT, the R2 wallet does not allow storing cryptocurrency in the equivalent of more than 1000 USDT, and the R3 wallet does not allow storing cryptocurrency in the equivalent of more than 10000 USDT. In case of the compromise of private keys for one of the wallets, the risk does not apply to the other wallets.

The cryptocurrency is stored on Mosaic Wallet until a command is received from the client to withdraw the cryptocurrency asset to an external wallet that does not belong to the exchange.

Mosaic Wallet private keys are not stored on electronic storage devices. When creating a private key, several responsible persons of the company receive one character string each, which is the basis for obtaining a private key. Thus, one employee of the company cannot single-handedly access the Mosaic Wallet cryptocurrency wallets. To gain access to the Mosaic Wallet cryptocurrency wallets, all responsible persons of the company must simultaneously enter all the strings of characters transferred to them for storage. This approach minimizes the risks of internal fraud and collusion of company employees.

To minimize operational risks associated with the unavailability of company employees and/or the loss of character strings handed over to them for storage the company introduces the roles of deputy responsible persons and duplicates of character strings required to obtain Mosaic Wallet private keys are stored in the safe deposit boxes or other secure offline data vaults.

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