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Why we invested inĀ Pulsate

Just as Hubspot made digital and web marketing efficient and easy for thousands of companies, tying together content, email, analytics, and on-site engagement into one cohesive package, we are now seeing the same dynamic take shape in mobile. App developers need new ways to better understand user behavior and engagement, and are desperate for tools that can give them an advantage in an extremely competitive market.

Mobile marketing is the next big trend in marketing and one we believe Pulsate will win. Rarely have I seen a team so focused on the core needs of their customer, going above and beyond what currently exists in the market.

Not only have they developed a killer mobile marketing product but they have done a tremendous job of educating the market on best practices in the mobile marketing space. There are many in the space who focus specifically on push notifications, or proximity marketing, or app analytics, or in app messaging. Pulsate handles them all, in one cohesive suite of tools, just as Hubspot was able to do for web marketing.

When I first met Patrick Leddy (CEO) in person, we were at the LAUNCH Beacon event in NYC. Pulsate was very early at the time and Patrick had hounded the organizers for an invite and was eventually accepted to participate in a roundtable discussion on proximity marketing. Patrick dominated the table and displayed an understanding and vision for the technology that few had grasped.

He has continued to display that same drive and vision since that first meeting and we could not be happier to be along for the ride.

This investment has also proved valuable to us as a company and is a driving force for why we continue to invest. To learn and watch an innovative company like Pulsate help define a new market, provides incredible insight back to us as a company and ultimately the clients we serve. By understanding the future of retail technologies we can help position our clients to win and ultimately create a better experience for the customers they serve.


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