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The History of Digital Content

It’s hard to imagine that digital content was virtually non existent just a few short years ago. In fact, 90% of the digital content that exists today has been created within the last two years. Before that digital content just wasn’t that common. So where did digital content get its start?

The first digital camera was invented by Kodak in 1975, and while there was some adoption of this technology in the late 1990s, digital photography didn’t really take off until the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. Today most of us take photos with our phones instead of lugging around a separate piece of equipment, which has led to the unprecedented creation of digital photographs and videos over the last decade.

But it’s not just your Instagram account that is responsible for the major uptick in the creation of digital content. All the data generated when you use apps and websites as well as data generated and collected by major corporations is adding up fast, and this data might be what gives us the next wave of innovation.

The digital universe is growing a whopping 40% a year. Learn more about the history of digital content from this infographic.

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