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The Growing Crypto Gaming Industry: 7 Platforms You Should Know About by@CryptoAdventure

The Growing Crypto Gaming Industry: 7 Platforms You Should Know About

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Crypto Adventure

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Virtual gaming has always been an exciting aspect of the lives of many computer-literate people worldwide. While most could not have anticipated the progress of the current virtual gaming industry, its transcendence is beyond question at this point. Furthermore, gaming became quite popular with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which left most people locked up in their homes.

Blockchain technology made its debut in the industry a few years ago, and what it is creating is leaving people in awe. A growing network of decentralized nodes playing on different metaverse creates a whole universe beyond the real one. More cryptocurrencies are dedicating their act to gaming, including the very famous non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs and other gaming crypto are a way to provide an exciting experience for users while offering them incentives within their ecosystems. Knowing what the crypto gaming industry entails is wise if you are interested in joining and investing in the robust sector. Therefore, we have curated a list of unique ecosystems in the area, showing the industry’s true potential. Let’s get right into it:

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is among the hottest topics within the crypto gaming industry, having invented one of the most scalable and lucrative blockchain games in history. It boasts over 200 000 players daily and over 90 000 ETH trades worth approximately $326 million. Axie Infinity hopes to open up a fun world for users to participate in while leveraging blockchain technology.

The Axie Infinity ecosystem allows users to breed Axies, powerful creatures used during games on the platform. Furthermore, players can fight, gather treasures, and establish kingdoms for their pets to earn the platform’s Axie Infinity Shards. The ERC-20 tokens support several practices on the platform, including staking, governance, and payments.


Decentraland is a virtual 3D real estate space, allowing users to own land in the form of parcels. The ecosystem runs on the Ethereum blockchain, benefiting from its smart contracts. Moreover, Decentraland’s native token, MANA, is an ERC-20 token that powers activities on the ecosystem. Users can own land in the form of pieces divided into parcels and traced by longitudes and latitudes.

The platform supports developers and their applications and extensive interactions between users through games and other apps. Furthermore, it enables users to trade parcels, estates (districts) under them, name rarities, and wearables. You can also transfer ownership or allow users to alter the condition of your assets.


CryptoKitties is among the most prominent NFT platforms in the crypto space today, further establishing guidance within the current NFT gaming industry. The platform is a joint development of the Ethereum blockchain and Dapper Labs, a well-versed company within blockchain gaming. However, CryptoKitties soon transferred to the Flow network to improve scalability, animation designs, and user experience.

Players have the opportunity to breed or acquire cats to trade and build their portfolios. There are other opportunities to engage in different games in its virtual universe while earning rewards. Moreover, the extensive partnerships that its ecosystem strengthens create an avenue for users to explore more.

The Sandbox

This game is making impressive progress in the blockchain gaming industry, allowing users to explore their imagination on its ecosystem. You can build a virtual world while playing other games within its ecosystem. The Sandbox has an interesting list of partnerships, getting significant TV shows and celebrities worldwide to be part of it.

Additionally, the ecosystem is making good use of NFTs, which prove to be a vital part of the progress on the digital assets’ world. $SAND is its native token used by users for the trade of assets on the network. Earning opportunities are beyond question as the ecosystem integrates various ways to earn, including renting property, play to earn, developing games, etc.


The platform is one of the new players in the blockchain gaming industry, offering multiplayer options for its users. In development since 2018 with the Unity engine, the game Arker: Legend of Ohm relinquishes the power of a hero and his pet to a user to save the Ohm Kingdom. Users can participate in daily missions, competitions, battling players, and more to earn rewards on the platform.

It hopes to open up the gaming world to anyone who wishes to earn from the endeavor while ensuring constructive collaborations between users. The game features different characters, cities, objects to equip your hero, pets, and abilities. The ARKER token is at the core of the ecosystem, responsible for its liquidity and governance. On the other hand, Fragments of Arker (FoA) is an in-game NFT that users can utilize during various transactions.

The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons game is an excellent example of where DeFi’s yield farming and adventurous gaming come into play. Unlike Decentraland, The Six Dragons is an RPG-based game offering endless world adventures to slay dragons while creating different items. The ecosystem runs on the Enjin blockchain, a notable player in the progress of crypto gaming.

The single-player game covers 256 square kilometers, with decentralized finance playing a vital role in yield farming and trading. The Six Dragons token holds a crucial role in trading, farming, governance, and play to earn rewards. Furthermore, it encourages the NFT craze as items users craft and collect act as digital collectibles.


Illuvium is a yet-to-launch game that currently holds a position amongst the top 250 cryptocurrencies in the market today. It is an open-world metaverse running on the Ethereum blockchain and presenting users with an exciting fantasy game to engage in. Moreover, the platform is dedicated to progress DeFi and NFTs for more earning gateways for users.

According to news, the game will launch in 2022, merging open-world gaming and PVP gaming. The ILV token will come in handy in rewarding players and yield farming. Another feature that sets it apart from other platforms is its layer 2 scaling solutions the Ethereum blockchain uses. As it stands, this game will stand a chance in competing with the big fish in the industry, including Axie Infinity.

An Engaging and Futuristic Space

Safe to say, crypto gaming is digging its roots deep into crypto and virtual gaming. It is also a way around exploring more options to engage more users, a practical step towards crypto adoption. Considering the ever-growing number of platforms supporting crypto games today, there is more to explore within the space.

The list above is but a taste of what the crypto gaming industry offers and it's potential in the coming years. The multibillion-dollar industry will see unprecedented growth in value and innovations beyond the expectations of most. Of course, make sure to explore your wallet options before engaging in any of the platforms for a more seamless experience!

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