The Grid Vision: The Internet After The Web

So far we have been sharing about what we are doing at regarding distributed systems in the forms of Hacker Noon posts [1] [2] [3] [4]. There is also another channel where we will be sharing our broader vision in an eBook form. Our Co — Founder and CTO Jakob Jenkov is going to be writing a free to download eBook called “The Grid Vision” that will gradually include much more comprehensive and easy to digest information for a wider community of web enthusiasts.

The Grid is essentially our back to the future ambitious alternative to the web. The general vision for the grid is an internet that is faster, more intelligent and more versatile. In particular we believe the grid must provide developer centric infrastructure services and open standard tools so developers are able to build advanced and intelligent real-time distributed systems on top. Therefore the initial phase of our quest is to provide developers with;

  1. A set of grid standards
  2. A set of open source implementations of the grid standards

3. A set of managed grid services

The grid standards are a set of open standards which when implemented will meet the goals and requirements set forth in the grid vision. The grid standards are mainly related to network protocols (see [1]).

The open source implementations of the grid standards will make it easy to develop advanced and intelligent distributed systems based on the grid standards. We have started with a Java implementation available on GitHub (see [3] and [4]). Later we hope to be able to make implementations in other languages such as C#, D etc.

The book is free to download here in Leanpub. Also if you would like to play with our open source Java toolkit Grid Ops please feel free to visit our Github page.

Finally, we are gearing up for the launch of some of the infrastructure services, if you would like to receive beta invite pleaseSubscribe here.

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