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The great migration

One aspect of the crypto revolution that is seldom mentioned is the redistribution of power that comes along with the rising prices. The earlier you adopted the idea of decentralized governance the wealthier you are right now. The sooner you bought Bitcoin the bigger your head start so to speak. So what will this wealth transfer do in the long run? First of all, what personality traits makes a person prone to buy into a completely new idea like this in the first place? One could argue that the earlier you bought in, the more probable it is that you have a personality that fits a certain profile, so let’s examine what such a profile might look like.

Risk taking. You have to be willing to take risks in order to actually invest your money or your time in something new.

Curious. You need to be quite curious to even find out about an opportunity like this. You have to be even more curious to actually educate yourself about it and draw your own conclusions.

Tech-savvy. Not completely necessary but definitely not a bad thing if you’re about to develop an interest for an internet phenomenon.

Freedom seeking. Many of the initial participants of the Bitcoin network were libertarians and anarcho-capitalists. The idea of censorship resistant wealth and anonymous peer-to-peer transactions are attractive to those who have a problem with authority.

So what do most risk taking, curious, tech-savvy freedom seekers have in common? What do they do when given an opportunity? These are the people who actually change the world. These are the kind of people that invent, explore, invest and innovate. Off course there are exceptions but generally speaking the world has never seen a wealth migration from the greedy to the brave like this before. The turds on top are being replaced by the nerds from the bottom. Needless to say, this is a good thing.

If you haven’t got any Bitcoin yet, don’t worry. We’re all still early adopters. Until you get paid in Bitcoin you haven’t really left the old paradigm. Only a lucky few have so far but make no mistake, this is happening. Faster than you think. If (when) general purpose a.i. happens (and maybe it already did) what kind of currency do you think it will prefer? We’re witnessing the beginning of the biggest and most important redistribution of wealth in human history right now and we’ll all be forced to be making choices regarding our level of participation sooner rather than later. The internet is a sanctuary for all freedom seekers and the true home of the brave. Refugees from all nations are welcome here regardless of whether you’re fleeing from nationalism, fundamentalism, socialism or whatever other destructive ism that is leeching on your lifeblood. This century will be very different from the last.

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