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The Giant Again

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A taxicab drew up before an oldfashioned residence upon the outskirts of Baltimore. A man of about forty, well built and with strong, regular features, stepped out, and paying the chauffeur dismissed him. A moment later the passenger was entering the library of the old home. “Ah, Mr. Canler!” exclaimed an old man, rising to greet him. “Good evening, my dear Professor,” cried the man, extending a cordial hand. “Who admitted you?” asked the professor. “Esmeralda.” “Then she will acquaint Jane with the fact that you are here,” said the old man. “No, Professor,” replied Canler, “for I came primarily to see you.” “Ah, I am honored,” said Professor Porter.
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by Edgar Rice Burroughs @edgarriceburroughs.Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American author, known for his prolific output in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
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