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The Future of AI Automated Investing Solutions For The Common Man

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Most people think investing isn’t possible for them. They assume you must be rich and knowledgeable to have access to the top investments or they figure no broker will take them on because they don’t have enough money. Others just don’t understand the market or choose not to invest because it’s too overwhelming.

Automated investing solutions, specifically AI based, helps make investing accessible for everyone. It lessens the overwhelm, decreases the costs, and makes investing accessible to anyone. AI uses information input by you, creating a portfolio based on your goals and timeline while ensuring you get maximum exposure to a quality portfolio. 

Automated investing solutions are the way of the future, particularly ones that incorporate AI and machine learning. These new investment vehicles will open up investing possibilities for just about anyone whether you have $5 or $5,000 to invest. There’s no judgment, only an opportunity to grow your investment portfolio and set yourself up for financial success.

What are Automated Investing Solutions?

Today, there are several automated investing solutions but the most common are robo-advisors and AI trading platforms.

Both options automate the process. Robo-advisors are the digital equivalent of a human broker. While you don’t get the same (if any) human interaction, you get the expertise of a digital software program handling your investments for you.

Once you set up your account and link it to your bank account, the robo-advisor does the rest. It’s a passive form of investing that opens up possibilities for even those who don’t understand the market. Everything is automated, giving you a hands-off approach to investing.

AI trading platforms automate your trading activity. They are for investors who have a basic understanding of the market and know what they want.

The software handles your trading based on your inputs and the market’s reactions. AI trading software tracks patterns and even predicts future events, trading your accounts accordingly.

What are the Benefits of Automated Investing?

As with anything automated, there are many benefits of automated investing solutions including:

You take yourself out of the equation. If investing overwhelms you or you make emotional investing decisions, automated investing handles it for you.

There’s no risk of bailing out of the market because of one rash decision. The computer program determines the right choices based on a series of data, not emotion.

You don’t have to worry about not having time. That’s an excuse most investors have. They set up their portfolio and then forget about it or don’t have time to manage it.

Others just don’t set up one because they know they won’t manage it. Automated investing makes passive investing possible for anyone.

You get the expertise of AI. You don’t have to become an expert on the market. All you need is basic knowledge, such as your goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. With just this data, AI can handle your investments and portfolio for you.

You don’t need a lot of money. Investing with a broker usually means you need tens of thousands of dollars before they’ll talk to you. That makes investing inaccessible for a lot of people. AI investing programs, however, have much lower account minimums and some don’t even require a minimum balance. 

Automated investing solutions don’t ask for a salary or vacation, or even spend time dealing with customer queries. If you hire a financial advisor, you’ll have to deal with all these issues.

Overall, automated investing solutions are just far more efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional financial advisors.

Why Everyone Should Consider Automated Investing

Automated investing is for every investor – not just those who don’t know what they’re doing or don’t have the time. AI transformed the investing industry by making it accessible to everyone. 

Automated investing opens up many more doors, here’s why:

You don’t need a minimum balance. Some robo-advisors have minimum balances, but not all. If you have $100 and want to invest, you can find a robo-advisor that will work with you.

The robo-advisors with higher minimum balance requirements usually have more advanced features which include more self-managing your portfolio with the guidance of the robo-advisor.

AI platforms don’t charge high fees. Brokers charge high and unaffordable fees. When you’re investing, you’re doing so to reach a financial goal. It’s hard to reach that goal when a broker charges high fees.

AI platforms charge much lower fees that make it affordable and accessible for anyone to invest.

AI platforms are efficient. You don’t have to wait for an advisor to have time for you. There’s also not the worry that an advisor missed out on an opportunity that cost you money either in taxes or a missed investment opportunity. 

Many AI platforms maximize your investment for tax minimization. Anytime you make capital gains, you’ll pay taxes, but there are ways to offset the liability with a loss on another investment. AI platforms automatically minimize your tax liability by using strategies such as tax-loss harvesting.

Why People Don’t Use AI Investing

Not everyone has jumped on board with AI investing yet. It’s more common, yet there are still the naysayers that don’t believe in it.

For some, it’s a hard pill to swallow thinking a computer program could manage their large brokerage balance, especially if they have had an account for years. Many believe their money is safer in the hands of a human advisor, but that’s not the case.

Human advisors make mistakes – computers don’t. But many look at the fact that there’s no human behind the program and can’t understand how it would help them invest. 

With more focus on AI investing from fintech companies like 8topuz, it will become more commonplace. Everyday people need to realise that the computer works with raw data, not emotion, and it can’t make human mistakes. The program works with the data you provide and the raw market data.

When given a chance automated investing can transform the lives of everyone, whether you’ve never invested or you’re looking for a new broker.

It comes down to trusting the computer programs and letting them do their job. Investors have access to their accounts and can see the balance and movement in real-time. You aren’t stuck with a particular robo-advisor or broker once you start. If you don’t like how your account performs or how the platform allocated your funds, you are free to change advisors.

The key is to give automated investing a chance, even if you only have a few dollars to invest. There are fewer barriers to entry, making it easy for just about anyone to start investing. Are you ready to jump on board and give automated investing a try?


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