The Future Came Early: Decentralized Job Search by@aworker

The Future Came Early: Decentralized Job Search

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Anton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker


We all have a feeling that in a couple of years the technology will be an integral part of our everyday life. One day we’ll get used to all the innovations and smart-devices. One thing will remain the same — (almost) all of us need a job to buy stuff. However, the way of searching a new job will be up to date too.


Let’s meet Thomas. He is just an average 27 years old guy, who had been working as a product manager for the past five years. Eventually, he decided that it’s the time to change the position and find a new job.

His friend Nick, adventurous tech-lover recommends Thomas to register in Aworker. He explains that it’s basically a job marketplace where you can get a reward even if you didn’t get a job. Thomas is excited, so he registers on the platform. Nick is a good friend, so he sends a job position titled as a ‘Product Manager in International Project.’ Thomas sends his CV and other documents to the company’s page. After a couple of days he gets a call from company representatives who invite Thomas to the interview. He comes to the office, talks for a while with HR manager and realizes that he is not qualified for the job. His guts were right; he didn’t get it. Thomas feels sad because he needs money (saving account is almost empty). Suddenly, his phone rings — he got his WORK tokens from Aworker because they found a perfect candidate and rewarded all candidates who came to the interview. What a moment for Thomas!

Thomas decides to keep looking for a perfect position in Aworker. One time he finds a vacancy for his old friend Chloe, and after an interview, she gets a job in a new company. Thomas receives a reward from Aworker for recommending a person who got a job. He keeps looking for interesting vacancies for his friends and acquaintances. In the meanwhile, he goes to the training about product management, English classes, public speaking seminars and other professional events to develop new skills and improve existing ones.

One month later, Thomas finishes English classes and public speaking seminars and uploads the certificates to his Aworker page. His classmates, tutors, and colleagues confirm that he is working on his professional skills. His business reputation gets higher because of the certificates and the fact that he recommended Chloe for a job and she got it.

Thomas receives another job vacancy from grateful Chloe titled ‘Product Manager in IT startup.’ He fills the application, gets the invitation for the interview. Next morning he gets a call with congratulations from HR manager because he gets a job. Finally! Chloe receives a reward as well as Thomas and other applicants who were invited to the interview.


Thomas is happy in the new company. He got a higher salary because of new professional skills verified by Aworker community that he gained while searching for a job. He also has a reputation of a wise guy who knows which candidate is more suited for the job than others.


We believe that in the future there will be no need to hire recruitment agencies to find the best-suited candidate. People can assess other people whom they don’t know personally because of the collective mind power.


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