The following extract exhibits examples of tautology and lengthinessby@edwinabbott

The following extract exhibits examples of tautology and lengthiness

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The following extract exhibits examples of tautology and lengthiness. The "implied statement" (50) can often be used as a remedy, but, more often, the best remedy is omission. ORIGINAL VERSION. PARALLEL VERSION.   The Russian empire is (50) a Russia, with her vast strength and  state of (54) such vast boundless resources, is obviously  strength and boundless destined to exercise on the course  resources, that it is of history a great and lasting  obviously destined to make a influence. The slowness of her  great and lasting impression on progress only renders her  human affairs. Its (50) progress durability more probable. The  has been slow, but (5) it[37] is Russian Empire has not, like the  only on that account the more empires of Alexander the Great and  likely to be durable. (5) It has Napoleon, been raised to sudden  not suddenly risen to greatness, greatness by the genius of  like the empire of Alexander in individuals or the accidents of  ancient (19) (31), or that of fortune, but has been slowly  Napoleon in modern, times, from enlarged and firmly consolidated  the force of individual genius, or by well-guided ambition and  the accidents of (54) casual persevering energy,[38] during a  fortune, but has slowly advanced, long succession of ages.  and (40 a) been firmly  consolidated (15) during a  succession of ages, from the  combined influence of ambition  skilfully directed and energy (15  a) perseveringly applied. * * * * * * * * * * The extent and fertility of the The extent and fertility of her Russian territory are such (54) territory furnish unparalleled as to furnish facilities of facilities for the increase of her increase and elements of strength population and power. European which no nation (47 a) in the Russia, that is, Russia to the world enjoys. European west of the Ural Mountains, Russia—that is, Russia to the contains one million two hundred westward of the Ural thousand square geographical Mountains—contains a hundred and miles, or ten times the surface of fifty thousand four hundred square Great Britain and Ireland. marine leagues, or about one million two hundred thousand square geographical miles, being ten times the surface of the British Islands, which contain, including Ireland, one hundred and twenty-two thousand. Great part, This vast territory is intersected no doubt, of this immense (54, by no mountain ranges, no arid see below) territory is covered deserts; and though much of it is with forests, or (40 a) lies rendered almost unproductive of so far to the north as to be food either by the denseness of almost unproductive of food; but forests, or by the severity of the no ranges of mountains or arid northern winter, yet almost all, deserts intersect the vast (54, except that part which touches see above) extent, and almost the Arctic snows, is capable of the whole, excepting that which yielding something for the use touches the Arctic snows, is of man. capable of yielding something for the use of man. The (3) (54) The steppes of the south present boundless steppes of the south an inexhaustible pasturage to present (54) inexhaustible those nomad tribes whose numerous fields of pasturage, and give and incomparable horsemen form the birth to those nomad tribes, in chief defence of the empire. whose numerous and incomparable horsemen the chief defence of the empire,[39] as of all Oriental states, (15 a) is to be found. The rich arable lands in the heart The rich arable lands in the of the (54) empire produce an interior produce grain enough to (2) incalculable quantity of support four times the present grain, capable not only of population of the empire, and yet maintaining four times (5) its leave a vast surplus to be present inhabitants, but affording transported by the Dnieper, the a vast surplus for exportation by Volga, and their tributaries, into the Dnieper, the Volga, and their the Euxine or other seas. tributary streams, (30) which form so many (54) natural outlets into the Euxine or other seas; (44) while the cold and Lastly, the cold bleak plains shivering plains which stretch stretching towards Archangel and towards Archangel and the shores towards the shores of the White of the White Sea are (48) covered Sea, and covered with immense with immense forests of fir and forests of oak and fir, furnish oak, furnishing at once (54)[40] materials for shipbuilding and inexhaustible materials for supplies of fuel that will for shipbuilding and supplies of fuel. many generations supersede the (54) These ample stores for many necessity of searching for coal. generations will supersede the necessity of searching in the (14 a) bowels of the earth for the purposes of (54) warmth or manufacture.

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