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The First Week of YourStack

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@rrhooverRyan Hoover

Founder of Product Hunt. Making pancakes at YourStack.

2,281 days ago Product Hunt launched as a tiny newsletter. The early days were especially chaotic. I didn’t get much sleep, skipped the gym, and buried my head into work. While unsustainable (I'm not advocating overworking yourself!), it was sooo fun and energizing to build something brand new. It was also scary. New products – especially those driven by community – are incredibly fragile.

7 days ago we launched a beta of YourStack (with a grammatically incorrect, non-editable tweet – lol). Instantly those same nostalgic feelings from the early days of Product Hunt re-emerged. The response has been very encouraging. Alex was kind enough to write about it on BuzzFeed. Lucas followed with a story on TechCrunch. And a bunch of folks shared support on Twitter and Product Hunt.

But the product is very early and our roadmap is deep. So far we've onboarded only ~4% of those that have signed up as we build tooling to scale (thanks for all your patience!). I wake up each morning nervous but excited to read your feedback and wild ideas as the team and I continue building.

If you get a chance, create your account and start stacking. We're whitelisting new friendly folks each day.

Feedback? I'd love to hear it at ryan@yourstack.com.

Ryan Hoover (@rrhoover)

A version of this messages was delivered to early subscribers in our first YourStack weekly digest. If this looks familiar, maybe you're already signed up. 😄


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