The Deal Coin (DLSD) — a possible gem in the P2P lending market?by@bjornvhauge
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The Deal Coin (DLSD) — a possible gem in the P2P lending market?

by Bjorn V. HaugeMarch 26th, 2018
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Peer to Peer (P2P) lending came into existence as a result of the sequential economic recessions. During the previous economic downturns, banks refused to loan money to individuals. As a result, P2P lending emerged to allow individuals obtain loans or pay off the interest on their credit card without depending on banks.
featured image - The Deal Coin (DLSD) — a possible gem in the P2P lending market?
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Peer to Peer (P2P) lending came into existence as a result of the sequential economic recessions. During the previous economic downturns, banks refused to loan money to individuals. As a result, P2P lending emerged to allow individuals obtain loans or pay off the interest on their credit card without depending on banks.

Peer to peer lending platforms was among the fastest growing sector in the financial industry. According to research, the opportunity in the P2P industry will be worth $897.85 billion in the year 2024. The market will rise to a CAGR annual has raised by more than 48.2% from 2014 to 2018.

Morgan Stanley predicted than Peer to peer lending platforms would be worth over $490 billion dollars before the year 2020. Right now, P2P business lending is capped at £212 billion.

The global peer to peer lending market was valued at $3.5 billion in 2013. Experts believe that the P2P lending market will be valued at 1 trillion dollars in 2025.

A brief history of P2P lending

P2P lending has been in existence since the 1700s. The first popular lending programme to ever exist was the “Irish Loan fund”. The programme catered to individuals from low-income families, especially from developing countries. The creator of the programme recognized that low-income families had almost zero experience with collateral but were still creditworthy. The Irish loan fund borrowed small amounts of money to individuals with zero interest rate. In the 19th century, Peer to peer became widely accepted in parts of Europe until banks came in the 20th century and displaced them.

The First P2P lending platform began operation in 2005. The platform catered to customers in the U.K. The platform was an online lending. The platform was operated similar to microfinance bank. Peer to peer lending is no longer about giving loans to poor people in developing countries. It is about providing individuals with an alternative low-interest loan.

Peer to peer lending became fully implemented in 2008 during the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers. During the bankruptcy, people struggled to obtain a sizeable loan at a reasonable interest rate. Peer to peer lending emerged as an alternative. And over the past 10 years, P2P has gone from a marginal activity to a mainstream choice. Peer to peer offers low-interest rate to borrowers even with a smashed credit history. Investors also benefit from P2P platforms because they can take advantage of different tax relief measures. Investors can rake in between 8–13 % returns per year.

Cryptocurrencies and P2P Lending: Progress of the Market

Cryptocurrency is shaping the financial industry. 2017 was a historic year for the cryptocurrency space. All the cryptocurrencies experience a tremendous growth. Bitcoins passed the $14,000 MILESTONE. Ethereum increased by more than 5000% — became bitcoins, main competitor. Ripple also grew by more than 4000% in 2017.

The smashing success of cryptocurrency can be compared to the dot-com boom in 1998. We all know how the dot-com conquered the world and revolutionize many industries. The cryptocurrency market allows you to a huge ROI. The blockchain industry has revolutionized banking and provides a better solution for the financial industry. Lending is one of those industries revolutionize by the blockchain technology.

Peer to peer cryptocurrency

Peer to peer lending has changed the way people invest, borrow and save money. Right now, the industry is being revolutionized by the blockchain technology. Everyone involved in P2P can now benefit from improved transparency.

Cryptocurrency is transforming the direct lending industry. Peer to peer lending with bitcoins offers greater scalability, efficiency, transparency, and accessibility. One of the great advantages that crypto provides lenders are loan tokenization. Blockchain makes loan tokenization possible and allows new investors to trade their loan with other participants. The P2P lending is creating a new partnership, services, and products in the fintech industry.

Peer to peer lending eliminates the high-interest rate that poor people in developing countries pay compared to their counterparts in developed countries. Also, Cryptocurrency lending offers a unique advantage to P2P investors due to its global reach. Cryptocurrency lending offers investors the choice to lend to anyone no matter the person’s location. The geographic diversification reduces the systemic risk created by economic ups and down.

How Does Cryptocurrency Loan Work?

Blockchain technology offer borrowers a cheaper, faster and more transparent service. Blockchain transactions are incorruptible, instantaneous.

Lending in cryptocurrency provides lower fees for the lenders and borrowers since cryptocurrency is not controlled by any bank. Cryptocurrency makes Peer to peer lending effective for all parties involved.

Cryptocurrency also provides for a global lending scenario, borrowers and lenders have no more need to be located in the same country. cross-border lending. This has many advantages to borrowers and lenders. Lenders can now diversify their investment portfolio in different countries, and to the borrowers it means they can shop around for better and cheaper loans in other countries.

In fact, cryptocurrency loans are also relevant in developing countries that don’t have access to the internet and a stable banking system. Cryptocurrency makes it possible to borrow funds without a bank account.

What Are The Risks Of Crypto-Proved Lending?

There are different dangers of lending in cryptocurrency. P2P lending is not totally safe. Here is some of the risk associated with peer to peer lending.

Platform security: platforms that suffered from security breaches in the past are likely to experience them again. Everyone is aware that cryptocurrency website is a prime target for hackers.

Market volatility: borrowers that intend to convert fiat currency to bitcoins with the intention of converting the cryptocurrency back to fiat currencies are setting themselves for failure. Likewise, investors lending on these platforms bears the risk of a depreciated asset value to the point, where the borrower might choose to default.

Failed P2P ICO cryptocurrency loan platforms

Despite the rise in Peer to peer lending and the tremendous growth of the industry, many services have announced the discontinuation of their service.

BITJAM service announced earlier in 2018, that they would end their operations for two reasons: The volatility of cryptocurrency and the pressure from regulators.

However, the team managed to raise $10 million during their ICO. They gave out loans to borrowers in bitcoins and the process went according to plan. Today, the company has shut down their operations.

Bit lending club stopped operations in 2016. They shut down as a result of the pressure from Bulgarian regulators. The company hosted $8 million loan transactions before stopping their operations.

Bitconnect discontinued their service in January 2018. They only loan out money using their bit connect tokens. The service gained a lot of momentum before they stopped operations. Their coin was rated among the top 25 coins on Bitconnect coins were projected to reach 28 million.

Since bit connect shut down the value of BCC became $3 per coin. Right now, it will be removed from hitBTC and

Their largest promoters (Craig Grant, Roy Murphy, and Crypto Nick) have taken down their videos on youtube.

Davor coin was projected to become the next bit connect by experts. The coin rose about $90 USD from their ICO within 90 days. On February 2018, Davor discontinued their services.

LoopX was another promising lending platform. In February 2018, they were detected to be a scam. Right now, their website is being taken down, same as their social media pages.

From this list of failed ICOs, it’s essential to choose a reliable platform when making a decision to invest in an ICO. The platform you choose will determine your ROI and ensure that you have an excellent user experience. Otherwise, your investment will be a hassle.

One metric for choosing a great platform is GBX. Only invest in platforms that have their service listed on GBX

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)

GBX is a token exchange that describes itself as creating a world leading token sale platform. The exchange is built upon the principles of community transparency and decentralization.

GBX is different from other cryptocurrency exchanges. It‘s a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), an EU-regulated regulated stock exchange. GSX was launched in 2014 but began operations in 2015. They announced their intention to integrate blockchain for their stock exchange ecosystem. Today, they have launched their own cryptocurrency exchange. The platform launches in April 2018.

GBX exchange differs from other exchange because they create a system that caters to traditional investors. The exchange functions like any other cryptocurrency exchange. However, they don’t plan to list any coin on their exchange. Instead, Sponsor Firms will curate and vet new coins for the safety of investors.

Therefore, any coin listed on the GBX platform is a KYC known entity. Their main goal is to eliminate all the fishing coins in the marketplace and for borrowers to find vetted token sales on their platforms.

GBX team will be responsible for vetting and approving token listings before adding them to the platform. The GBX rules based system is supported by a network of Sponsor Firms who are integral to the listing process. Sponsor Firms guide listings through the GBX platform and are the first point of call for any potential token listings, providing initial due diligence and deep dive analysis on the token sale applicant.

The GBX platform seeks to offer a curated selection of digital tokens and a wide selection of cryptocurrency. During the launch, the exchange announced its plans to fully integrate blockchain into its settlement and trading systems. Therefore the exchange will incorporate blockchain technology into its system.

They also have other key features such as the innovative sponsor staking regime and the diligent whitelisting procedures. The potential participant pool consists of AML/KYC cleared potential participants. The platform has been tagged the “future of cryptocurrency trading”.

GBX resolves around its platform currency RKT (Rock token). The Rock token is the currency choice for listing, transactions, and other transaction functions on the GBX platform. Simply put, The Rock token is responsible for powering the GBX platform.

The Rock token is used to pay for trading fees within the GBX exchange. The Rock token is used to pay for sponsorship, fees, and listing on the exchange. The token will provide access to future banking services, secure offline custodianship and vote on community developments.

The token is also used to provide discounts for the owners, verify each member, provide rewards for the contribution of the alliance members and used for the payment of professional services.

The company launched its Rock token ICO to the world on November 2017. GBX is based in Gibraltar where scams are taken seriously.

The CEO of GBX is Nick Cowan. He is also the CEO of GSX (Gibraltar Stock Exchange). He has 35 years of experience in the capital markets including ING banks and Bear Stearns. Other team members of the team include William Rawley(Group legal counsel), Philip Young (Group Marketing Director), and Adrian Hogg (Group Chief Financial Officer).

According to the GBX website they have already partnered with strong companies such as PWC, blockchain lab, and Kinetic capital.

GBX could potentially end the chaos of Token Sales.

Despite the fast improvement of cryptocurrencies, many cryptocurrencies traded on numerous exchanges are only dedicated to their distribution. The services aren’t fully decentralized. And there are to many ICO’s popping up right and left with both bad products, bad intentions and not the right people behind it.

This poses the thoughts why cryptocurrency exchanges have refused to implement blockchain based assets and smart contracts into their platform to achieve better market efficiency and transparency. This is the problem GBX is solving. GBX looks to provide a blockchain-based decentralized exchange. The team is looking forward to building trust for the crypto industry.

GBX looks to revolutionize accessibility, security, transparency for all crypto exchange. They revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry through the idea of public consensus, regulations and a strict due diligence process on the tokens that will be listed.

One important thing about GBX is that it will be regulated by the government. The Gibraltar government has already shown great support for the distributed ledger technology and would want to make it a trustworthy platform available to many people.

Other Criteria for choosing a Peer to peer cryptocurrency lending platform

Cryptocurrency lending means that the borrower will develop a long-term relationship with the platform. Cryptocurrency lending eliminates diminished costs, barriers and offers a cost-effective solution to investors.

Here are central rules a borrower in order not to be swindled.

Stay away from scams: Get that fact right, Investments is all about logic. Everyone dreams of enjoying a great ROI on their money. However, you have to be realistic. There is no such thing as overnight success. Investment is a long-term process. In summary, ignore companies that promise to bring you a huge sum of money in a short amount of time. The company that promises you riches overnight are blatant scams.

Choose a trustworthy platform: Building beneficial platforms for investors and lenders requires vast knowledge in the financial industry. Investors can’t simply rely on their technical knowledge. They must work hard, be dedicated and pay close attention to details.

Successful Peer to Peer Portals That Offer loans

In spite of the failure of some ICOs, other cryptocurrency loan platforms have recorded high level of success. Here are a few of them:

BTCPOP is a P2P banking platform that makes it possible for bitcoin investors to provide bitcoin loans for borrowers in a secure portal. With the power of blockchain technology, BTCPOP is a secured digital portal that facilitates transactions and provides reliable risk assessment measures. They are a priority for every investor. No wonder this platform has become successful over the recent years with its multiple avenues for earning.

Nebeus is a new cryptocurrency that issues a bank card that to be used for both cryptocurrency and fiat payments. Nebeus aims to create a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency payments and for official banking license. On the other end, Nebeus completes their user authentication with a united KYC procedure. Applicants that successfully complete the KYC procedure have issued a loan. Nebeus raised over $40 million during its ICO

BitBond is the first international platforms based in Berlin and Germany. This regulated and licensed financial institution provided a way for investors and borrowers to access funds via the blockchain technology.

Micromoney is another company similar to humaniq that provides loans to individuals in developing countries. The company began issuing loans to companies in South East Asia. They raised a total of $10 million dollars during their ICO.

Introduction to The Deal Coin (DLSD) — a possible gem in the market!

The Deal Coin is a blockchain peer to peer lending platform that incorporates blockchain technology, transparency, and security into a single platform. The DLSD is a financial asset that will serve as a wakeup call to the global financial sector.

The Deal Coin is a true disruptor in the marketplace. The Deal Coin platform combines the teams real-world financial experience with blockchain expertise. This is a platform that can easily become the choice for many investors that want a fair and quick access to finance regardless of their location in the world.

The Deal Coin is a loan asset for borrowers to verify, identity and authorize their funds. The Deal Coin has vouched to create a completely new financial ecosystem. With the deal coin, businesses will be able to access funds anywhere in the world. The cost of finance will reduce and businesses will experience a secured, improved, professional investment.

DLSD uses smart legal contracts and smart insurance to register deals on the ethereum blockchain ledger which is protected for repayment.

The Deal Coin connects borrowers around the world with professional investors. Imagine a bricks and mortar business being able to raise funds within few minutes. No longer does business have to wait for days, or months to obtain funds.

The Deal Coin acts as a financial broker to businesses looking for capital in the UK and other countries. They have already facilitated over $6 billion loan and develop peer to peer technology platforms within 2 years so there is no lack of experience in the financial world.

The Deal Coin business targets the $13.2 trillion global financial marketplaces.

In simple terms, the deal coin offers P2P lending services through the power of the blockchain technology. It has ushered in a new era of financial services. The Deal Coin has partnered with Kession in order to accomplish their mission.

The company has already signed up with Kession Capital in the UK to act as their listing sponsor on GBX. Kession has a reputation within the blockchain community. Kession is one of the first three companies that has been approved as a listing member of the Gibraltar Blockchain exchange (GBX).

Kession works in partnership with the deal Coin to achieve their vision through every possible means. By working together with the Kession capital, the deal coin has the potential to become the future of P2P Lending.

Here are the CEO words (, Michael Morrison) Cornering the launch of DLSD.

“Accessing finance for business is difficult. Interest rate varies from country to country. Businesses have to wait for weeks or months to raise finance for their business. To worsen the matter, Investors don’t get good savings from their bank. In fact, the current system of obtaining funds is questionable.

We are eager to solve this problem using the blockchain technology. Our specialists’ partners with us to Speed up the process for business to gain finance, improve the returns for investors, reduce the cost of finance for businesses and eliminate potential fraud for businesses.”

We believe that we are the first decentralized regulated Peer to peer blockchain lending platform to be listed on the GBX platform. We already have a strong partnership with specialist blockchain companies”.

I managed to reach Mr. Morrison via LinkedIn and he was kind enough to answer a few of the question I sent to him.

1.What do you think GBX and being regulated under such a regime will do for the P2P lending market?

“Being regulated under the GBX regime will differentiate ourselves from the majority of other crypto P2P Lenders.

We aim to set the highest standard of best practice and once successful through the application process we will provide re-assurance to our investors that we have passed full due diligence and compliance checks on our business, systems and personnel.

We want to operate at the highest level of compliance and we want to set the new level of standard that others within the crypto P2P Lending Market will have to aim for.

So in short we expect the GBX and operating under its regime will have a positive impact for investors, borrowers and lenders alike.

Over time we would expect that other platforms will also follow best practice and use a responsible and regulated environment for their P2P business as investors and borrowers would need to be afforded the right levels of protection.”

2. In terms of token sales, and the future fluctuation of the token price, how do you think being listed on GBX will make any difference from being listed on smaller exchanges?

Smaller exchanges offer less liquidity and higher price swings. We are applying to the GBX to provide greater liquidity to our investors and more importantly we want to be recognised as a fully compliant and regulated business in a market that is sometimes not well regarded from a regulatory perspective. We feel that the token price will find a natural level due to the increase in liquidity, transparency and governance that will reflect the demand for tokens that have undergone a higher standard.”

Presale of the companies ICO begins on March 26th, 2018. The crowd sale will run until the end of the ICO on June 10th 2018, or until the initial token block has been taken up.

They are already raising funds via a token sale that will give investors the chance to buy and keep the deal coin in advance. Deal Investors will have the opportunity to list deal coin on various exchanges. The deal coin price is $0.10 and method of payments in bitcoins, Ethereum, and fiat currency.

The Deal Coin

The Deal Coin solution will allow investors across the world to earn interest by lending to businesses secured against their assets. The loan repayments will be based on the FIAT value of the loan plus interest and therefore will avoid the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies. Investors can only purchase the deal token after the launch of the Data lending solution database.

The high-interest rate of the coin implies that investors can earn a steady and consistent return from lending to borrowers. The Deal Coin doesn’t require that lenders must fund a loan 100%. Borrowers are free to contribute the money at their disposal. Borrowers must also pay for the cost associated with running the community. The process will ensure that there is a regular demand for Deal coins.

Lastly, there are many benefits that The Deal Coin offers to its customers. These benefits would make investing easy. The team keeps its promise by caring for the investors. They view the investor’s success as their own success. They are currently developing a mobile app and a payment card so that everyone can become an investor irrespective of their social status, nationality, age or Job. There are no more borders in the investment realm.


Crypto P2P lending might seem complex if you are new to cryptocurrencies and have zero experience with investments. But The Deal Coin eases the process for everyone interested in this financial opportunity based on the technology that aims to change the financial industry.

The growth in the cryptocurrency market along with the development of the peer to peer lending market has created a substantial amount of investment opportunities. The numbers keep increasing throughout the year. DLSD is by no doubt one industry that provides the best experience for an investor.