Hackernoon logoThe Day I Accepted Myself as a Coder! by@abigailrelish

The Day I Accepted Myself as a Coder!

I always resisted technology because I always had a mental block: I don’t understand technology.

When I started working in a "IT" company, I didn’t consider myself as an employee working in the IT sector. 
As I started learning computer languages and softwares I did not look at myself as a coder. "NO! THAT’S NOT ME! I AM HORRIBLE AT IT. I NEED TO ASK 10 PEOPLE BEFORE I GET IT WITH! No, I’ll consider myself a coder once I’m perfect which is so distant at the moment". 
And then, I saw some of the experienced engineers struggling with technology, too! I realised that perfection is a myth! Something I like to call as "Distant Perfect" .

Everything looks perfect from a distance.

Your manager seems to be perfect at what he/she does, your colleague’s codes look so efficient and you feel you’ll never be able to do that. However, when you have a closer look, you realise that there’s no such thing as perfect. It’s just confidence in imperfection and acceptance of what you really are!

The manager also joins a meeting with some kind of anxiety! 
That is when I realised that I need to stop comparing myself with this idea of perfection! You don’t need to be a perfect coder to call yourself a coder!

The little one of an eagle had to first accept that it is capable of flying to soar high in the sky, the cheetah’s cub had to accept that it can stand on it’s four legs to be able to be the fastest animal, and it accepted that looking at the other cheetahs, right?

We need to get inspired and not terrified when we see successful people. If they can, you can too! After all we are the same species!


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