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The Creation Of Humanity According To Sumerian Tablets

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I think it was about 6 months ago. While researching a topic on the internet, I found myself by chance watching a youtube video about Sumerian tablets. After watching the video series breathlessly for about 3 hours, I dived into more detailed articles ... It was so interesting that I was even trying to solve the cuneiform script at a time. I would like to talk about the Sumerian Tablets that I saw and read on the internet about six months ago by chance ...
It consists of a total of 14 tablets. Especially the 6th and 7th narratives are very interesting ... These are the chapters where the creation of human beings are told.


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According to the Sumerian tablets, there is a planet named TIAMAT in the orbit that we call today's asteroid belt. Apart from this, there is another planet in the solar system that the Sumerians call Nibiru. This planet completes one revolution around the sun in 3600 years. Niburu collides with TİAMAT in one of his tours and TİAMAT splits in two. According to the Sumerian Tablets, the broken part of TIAMAT, together with its moon, Moon, forms the Earth by settling between Venus and Mars.


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As a result of the power wars between the Nibiru rulers whose atmosphere was damaged by this collision, their former ruler ALALU escapes to the world with a spacecraft. Those in Nibiru need gold dust to eliminate damage from the atmosphere and protect them from the sun's harmful rays. But they don't have enough gold on their own planet. The former ruler Alalu, who escaped to the world while seeking a solution, discovers the existence of gold in the world and gives this information to the Nibiru rulers in return for his forgiveness.


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Nibiru ruler ANU is sending a group of 50 people to mine gold to Earth. This group comes to the confluence of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Mesopotamia. They call this area Sippar. They establish their first settlements and cities here. At the head of the group that came to the world for the first time, there are two siblings whose mothers are different, named ENKİ and ENLİL, sons of ANU. There is a dispute between ENKİ and ENLİL in order to be the heir to power. Those in this group that come to the world are called Anunnaki. In time, the number of Anunnaki coming to Earth reaches 600 and they begin to mine gold.


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The Anunnaki extract large quantities of gold from Earth. At first, only the Anunnaki worked in the gold mining for a long time. They suffer a lot because their working conditions are very harsh and tiresome. In the end, they rebel against this heavy working condition and even take their leader ENLIL hostage. Enki saves his brother, promising to find workers to work for them. At that time, there was no such thing as human in the world yet. There are only humanoid ape type primates (Homo Erectus). The Anunaki cannot use them for mining.

The Nibiru Supervisors and the ANU have gathered and decide to create a group of workers to replace the Anunnaki in hard work and be called Adamu. They take the blood of primates and mix this blood first with clay and then with an Anunnaki sperm to create a new life form. The aim of this is to create a race that is more developed than the Homo Erectus species by using the DNA of primates and their own DNA, and to use them as slave workers.


Image:line.17qq.com ( The Adda Seal which depicts the Sumerian god Enki with two rivers pouring from his shoulders. The two-faced figure is his vizier Usimu. On the left is the sun god Utu-Shamash. 2300 BCE. (British Museum London))

These people will work in mines and other heavy jobs, and when their work is done, they will destroy these people. As a result of this practice, the Homo Sapien man emerges.

Again, as stated in the Sumerian Tablets, the Anunaki know in advance that the Noah's Flood will take place. However, ENLIL's brother ENKI pity the people and does not want them to perish. ENKI calls Noah (in the tablets it is called Utnapishtim) and gives secret information about the flood. He says that human beings should build a ship so that all of them are not destroyed in the flood. He gives a description of the ship to be built for Noah, its measurements and how to do it.

ENKI tells Noah to finish this ship in 7 days and, after taking the determined living pairs on the ship, to close the doors of the ship and wait for the end of the deluge. The rest of it develops in a similar way to the Noah's Flood described in religious books.


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These are the records in the Sumerian Tablets. and they were written 5000 years before the oldest scripture, the Torah. The parts of Noah's Flood are mostly compatible with the Torah and the Bible. It partially matches with the Quran, although there are slightly different expressions. However, the parts related to creation are definitely in conflict with the Holy Quran. What is described in these tablets does not conform to belief in Islam. These are what is described in the Sumerian Tablets. There is no personal interpretation of my own anywhere in this article. The discretion is yours ...

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