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The Cheapest Way to Get Circadian Lighting at Home

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@yeuttergGreg Yeutter

Circadian lighting—lighting that changes color to promote sleep at night and energy during the day—is the future. There is significant evidence that blue light is necessary during the day and undesirable at night.

But until very recently, circadian lighting was extremely expensive and difficult to set up.

That is, before SceneSwitch.

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Philips has quietly been selling a circadian light bulb that requires no complicated setup and works without dimmers. Best of all, it can be had for $6 to $12 from retailers like Amazon*, The Home Depot, and Walmart*.

Simple to Set Up and Use

Installing SceneSwitch is just like installing any other light bulb: screw it in and turn it on.

Changing between SceneSwitch color modes is a simple as flicking a switch off and on again. Image: Philips.

Out of the box, SceneSwitch looks exactly like a 60 watt incandescent bulb. But flick the power off and on again, and you’ll see the color change to an energizing daytime mode.

Flick the power again, and the bulb will be much dimmer and more relaxing. This is the nighttime mode.

It even remembers the previous setting, so you won’t be startled when turning it on in the middle of the night.

Does SceneSwitch change color automatically? Does it work with a dimmer? Can it be controlled with Alexa from a different timezone? No, no, and no. But it also doesn’t cost $50 per bulb*.

Shades of Blue

Why does it work? SceneSwitch has three color modes that not only look different, but also emit differing amounts of blue light.

Remember prisms from science class?

The daytime mode looks a lot like daylight. Within that very white light is a significant amount of blue light. Blue light is needed to stimulate the circadian rhythm during the day.

The nighttime mode is very dim, almost like a candle. This mode emits relatively little blue light, so you can use it during reading, watching TV, and other nighttime activities without worrying about interrupting your sleep.

The in-between mode is just that: in-between. It emits more blue light than the nighttime mode but less than the daytime mode. This mode is best used in the early morning and early evening.

Try it for Yourself

Philips SceneSwitch is the simplest and cheapest way to try circadian lighting at home. You can pick up a bulb from retailers like Amazon*, The Home Depot, and Walmart*.

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*This review is not sponsored by Philips. However, I may get a small commission from purchases made after clicking affiliate links.


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