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The Best Smart Home Devices That Will Enhance Your Life

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.

There is an opinion that smart gadgets are invented exclusively for pulling money out of our wallets, satisfying human laziness, and turning the human population into the couch potatoes. However, it depends on a person and each one decides it for oneself. And to determine your opinion, you can get acquainted with several outstanding devices for home use that will definitely not leave you indifferent.

1. Bread maker

A very useful thing which allows you to have delicious bread on the table every day. First, hot homemade bread tastes better. Secondly, it fills the house with an amazing aroma. Thirdly, it’s not difficult to cook it in a bread machine and the device itself is not so expensive. The market has a variety of models and you can choose the best breadmaker that will correspond to all your needs and expectations. Just pouring flour into a bowl and adding a spoonful of yeast, salt, sugar, and vegetable oil, you can get a loaf of fragrant white bread in 2-3 hours. If desired, the appliance can be easily loaded in the evening, and, setting a timer, you’ll get hot bread right by breakfast.

2. Kettle

Not a simple but smart one. Such a device can boil water and heat it to the optimum temperature to brew tea and coffee or dilute infant formula. The kettle will maintain the set temperature for up to 12 hours. You can control a smart device even away from home but for this, you need a stable Internet connection and an additional device — for example, a smart speaker, a smartphone, or a tablet. You send a command, a speaker or a smartphone receives it and redirects to the kettle via Bluetooth.

3. Smart speaker

The real brain center of a high-tech house: if you need to turn on a lamp or a vacuum cleaner, you address this speaker and it gives out commands to devices. You can even use ready-made scenarios: for example, before the guests arrive, the column will start a robot vacuum cleaner and make the kettle to boil water.

The gadget can access the Internet so that with simple search queries it can replace a smartphone. For example, it will tell you what the weather and the exchange rates are and at the same time, it will warn about traffic jams.

4. Robot vacuum cleaner

After the working day, cleaning is the last thing you want to think about but waiting for the weekend and collecting dust in the corners is also not an option. A robot vacuum cleaner will save you from regular exercise with a dustpan. You only need to give a command that it is time to start cleaning and then the device will examine every corner of the apartment and collect all the dust and crumbs.

If the vacuum cleaner has constant access to the Net, it will be able to report on the beginning and completion of the process, and it will also send you a signal for help on your smartphone if it suddenly gets stuck on the threshold or under the sofa. You can set a cleaning schedule for the whole week so that the robot will clean while you are at work.

5. Smart TV

Watching the whole family's favorite series on a smartphone is a dubious pleasure. It’s also difficult to make yourself comfortable with a laptop: you want to spend some time with popcorn watching a movie but you still need to somehow place a computer next to yourself on the couch. If you have been planning to upgrade your TV for a long time, take a look at the models with Smart TV technology. Such a device can be connected to Wi-Fi and you will be able to watch movies and TV shows directly from the Internet.

6. Climate control system

Winter is a tough time for the skin. Hot batteries make the air drier and the skin itches and flakes because of this. Moreover, if you constantly feel like sand is in your eyes, this is a sure sign that the humidity in the room is too low. A good idea is to create a climate control system in your house. To build a home climate control system, buy a humidity sensor, a smart humidifier, and a smart outlet. The sensor will make sure that the air does not get too dry and, if necessary, it will signal the outlet to turn on the humidifier.

7. Smart socket

Even if you do not plan to assemble a full-fledged smart home ,a smart socket will probably come in handy. This is a salvation for everyone who is regularly late because they constantly return home halfway to check if the iron is turned off. With this outlet you will forget about any worries: it is controlled via the Internet, so you just need to open the application on your smartphone and disconnect it.

Another smart device monitors how much energy the devices connected to it consume: finally you will find out why the huge electricity bills come from every month. You can set the work schedule: if you suspect that the child does not sleep at night, but secretly plays games, unplug the outlet for sleeping.

8. Smoke and leak sensors

A smoke detector can be installed in the kitchen or the living room and leakage sensors can be installed in the kitchen and the bathroom. They connect to the Internet through a mobile application and will inform you if something went wrong at home.

A smoke source will appear — the smoke detector will respond to this with a siren and at the same time an alert will be sent to the smartphone. It also knows how to monitor the temperature in the room: with a sharp increase, the vigilant device will send you a push and at the same time can disconnect all devices connected to smart sockets.

9. Smart lamp

Yes, lamps also can be smart. They can change the temperature and brightness of the light on command from a smartphone. With such a lamp, no additional light sources are needed. You can turn on full illumination or customize soft warm light for cozy gatherings. Some lamps have a disco mode for home parties: LEDs blink and colors change randomly.

Falling asleep and waking up with a smart lamp becomes easier. You can set the on and off schedule and select the appropriate scenario: sunset or sunrise. The lamp will simulate natural light, gradually reducing or increasing brightness.

10. Smart heater

How about a heater that does not make electricity bills scary but turns on only when you really need it to? The smart device goes into active mode if the temperature in the room drops below a predetermined limit. When the room is warm enough, the temperature will be maintained in a mode of economical energy consumption.

There is a better option: a heater that turns on when a person appears at a certain distance from it. The device will automatically be deactivated when you left home. This technique is protected from overheating and turns off when dropped. If your animals like to play while you are at work, they can easily drop the heater but there will be no fire with the help of the smart system.

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

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James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.


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