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The Best Hotel Booking Sites to Use in 2021

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I am the author and illustrator of Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations.

Today, we will review the best hotel booking sites from travelsites. Suppose you search for the cheapest hotel booking sites for any events. Of course, you will find on Google the "cheapest hotel booking sites," and then you will see our travel site.

How We Decide Which Booking Sites to Include in Our List for Best Hotel Booking Sites

  • User Friendly
  • Rewards
  • Customer Service
  • Travel Resources
  • Transparency

Comparisons and Review

Travel Sites makes it easier than ever to run your business while traveling on business. Find the best places to book hotels, vacation packages, cruises, homestays, hostels, campsites, car rentals, last-minute travel deals, RV vacation rentals, travel insurance, and more.

Suppose you are looking to book a hotel, hostel, or apartment. In this case, it can be challenging to determine whether the room will live up to the photos you see online. We all booked hotels that looked great on the website to check-in and found these photos to be out of date.

We provide you with a detailed breakdown of each booking site, so you know which one is right for you and you can be sure that you will always get a great deal on a great room.

What about Loyalty Programs of These Hotel Booking Sites?

We also take a look at the different loyalty programs each site offers. A decent loyalty program keeps you returning by compensating you for utilizing the site. Loyalty programs are interesting, but they are also useful to you. Iif you are a frequent traveler who regularly stays in hotels for work, a loyalty program may be the main reason you choose one site over another.

How Can You Find the Cheapest Rates with Hotel Booking Sites?

For many people, price is the first thing they look at and often the most crucial factor when choosing one hotel or apartment over another. That's why we also look at whether hotel booking sites offer a price match guarantee. That is a feature that many people overlook, but it can save you a lot of money. A Price Match Guarantee means that you will match the price if you find a room at a lower rate at the same hotel elsewhere.

We've collected the best hotel booking sites for review. It would help if you tried these sites for your fantastic holidays. These hotel booking sites have agreements with hotels worldwide and offer everything from budget rooms to five-star suites.

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • anndionlodge.co.nz
  • TripAdvisor
  • Hophs.com
  • Airbnb
  • Agoda
  • Priceline
  • Trip.com
  • Orbitz


Booking.com has come a long way since it was just a hotel listing site for travelers. Today, this site can be an all-inclusive resource for all your travel booking requirements. Book a flight, hotel, and restaurant without leaving Booking.com. The scope of what you can book here is staggering, making it one of the most feature-rich travel sites on the web.

Booking.com is one of the most popular, trusted, secure, and established travel sites on the web today. Whether you're looking to book a hotel room, rent a car, find the cheapest flight, or find out what to do in your destination of choice, Booking.com has you covered. Sites like these are the reason why travel agents are practically off, helping you understand every step of your vacation at no additional cost. Whenever I plan a trip, I always check Booking.com, even if I don't always use it.

Traveling is not cheap! However, the best booking sites make it as affordable as possible while providing a top-notch user experience. So, without further discussion, let's take a closer look at all that Booking.com has to offer.

You are likely already familiar with Booking.com, at least to some degree. He's been online for 24 years! Booking.com is extremely popular and extensive. With over 28 million listings, it would be hard not to find much accommodation here. Booking.com, available in 43 different languages, is a global company. Book hotel rooms and flights in your language or try practicing in the native language of the country you plan to visit - the choice is yours!


Expedia isn't just the most confided in brands in the travel industry, yet it is likewise one of the most seasoned. Expedia has an exceptionally smooth and natural site design, especially for a travel site. In my experience, many travel booking sites like this tend to suffer from congestion problems. It is as if they are trying to incorporate too many features, too much content on each page.

We could all enjoy a vacation from time to time. You work hard all year long, day after day. Why not prize yourself with a little break? Discover a new city, immerse yourself in the culture of another country, venture out, climb a mountain, lie on the beach for a few days, soak up the sun. No matter what type of traveler you are, I think there is one thing we can all relate to - finding the best deal for all travel-related expenses is crucial.

Going on vacation is sadly expensive. There are many price tags associated with every aspect of a great trip. To start with, you need to purchase a boarding pass; at that point you need to book a decent inn or a shared level, then you probably want to rent a car, then everything you do and eat costs money. Vacations can cost you money if you're not careful.


One of the reasons we will prefer https://anndionlodge.co.nz/ its booking is unlike other accommodation websites. Here you will get Comfortable, Affordable Motels Wanganui Our Motels Wanganui offers you quality and affordable accommodation in https://anndionlodge.co.nz/
for business or pleasure, whether you are a corporate traveller, or business rep, family, holiday backpacker, or an overseas guest looking for a boutique weekend bed and breakfast room.

https://anndionlodge.co.nz/ Hotel.com Reward's scheme means that if you use their website to sell accommodation for ten nights, they can get deep discounts at one of their properties around the world. Provide an opportunity. Through the same scheme, you can also access "secret prices", which are lower than your Motels Wanganui prices that are not visible to the general public; passengers can make the most of it.

Their "Price Guarantee" is a feature I've used a lot when booking a hotel. It merely means that if you find a better hotel price on another website, Hotels.com will match it until the day before you check-in. While this can often mean a few dollars less, it can add up over time and make you feel like you're getting the best deal wherever you are.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor gives you the ability to find keywords in reviews. For example, suppose you are looking for a good location. In that case, you can type "location" and see what other travelers are saying about it in their comments.

The website includes all the contact details for each hotel and a link to the specific hotel website, giving the user the feeling that they are not limited to booking through Trip advisor if they are not. On top of that, the photos for each location are split between professional images and traveler photos, adding transparency when making a reservation that you know you will be satisfied with.

While Trip advisor has the same functionality as Booking.com, telling you when people are looking at the same property, it doesn't have the same aggressive pop-ups as its partner company, which I think allows the user to feel more comfortable. When you are making the reservation, the website can seem complicated at times, and not all published reviews are reliable. Still, the overall Trip advisor is an excellent tool for finding and booking accommodation.


The first impressive thing about Hophs.com was its sleek, streamlined site design and smooth, simple user interface. Everything on this site, from your current search engine to your suggested deals and destinations, is organized and easy on the eye. Even if this is your first time using a hotel booking site, Hophs.com makes sure that you can immediately find the cheapest hotel rooms with just one click.

Hophs.com allows you to book hotels. However, there is much more to this site. In addition to finding and comparing hotel rooms quickly and easily, you can also rely on Hops to book cheap flights and car rentals.

A few travelers might be disillusioned to realize that Hops doesn't have a versatile application. At the same time, it can certainly be a useful perk to browse hotel listings from a streamlined, native mobile app.


In 2008, Airbnb changed the way people book accommodation and the way they travel. I discovered the website only three years ago. Still, I have already made countless reservations in dozens of cities, staying in these places I never thought I would have a chance to visit.

From beach condos to green homes nestled in the woods, there is no limit to what Airbnb can offer, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. One of my favorite features introduced in 2018 was the ability to book an Airbnb Plus, which means that the host is verified. Still, their accommodation is rated as being of the highest quality.

Another unique perspective is the "Private room" or "Entire spot" decision. It means that, if necessary, you can keep the price of your reservation low by merely renting a room in a property that will be shared with other people. Other filters include the number of beds, the facilities, the type of house (from the attic to the igloo), and even the host's languages.


Agoda is the best hotel booking site. Its simplistic design, "promo code" feature and email notifications make it a more exclusive option for deciding where to book your accommodation online. Like Hotels.com, their "Secret Prices" allows users to get only discounts on properties worldwide. At the same time, the many options for adding filters are great for determining where to stay.

Agoda includes hostels and hotels in its search options, which was perfect for me when looking for cheap accommodation with friends. However, the feature that stands out on Agoda and sets it apart from its competition is the ability to receive email notifications if the price changes at a hotel or hostel you've visited.ย 

It means that if you are planning a trip in the future but are not in a rush to book somewhere, you can wait to receive the best price. This is hands down one of the best features when booking with Agoda, allowing you to get the smartest deals wherever you are.

Travel Sites

Travel Sites is the largest platform of One-Stop-Shop for travel, where you can find all kinds of information. Travel Sites can be your new travel companion. You will need this platform when you're planning to travel and want to stay at the hotel! It allows you to find the perfect destinations, the cheapest booking options, last-minute deals, cheap flights, and the best hotels. Take advantage of travel blogs and the best travel guides.ย 

Travel Sites is your ultimate resource for planning your trip with hundreds of the best hotel websites in one place. Not if you are finding the best deals on flight sites, car rental sites, or hotels. Here you will find the best sites.

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