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The Art and Science of Hacking Your Network

Many people think networking is just exchanging business cards and calling it a day, but at it’s core networking is really about building relationships. Humans are, by nature, social creatures and that innate instinct to be social penetrates into our professional lives. Building lasting and valuable professional relationships is just as rewarding as building personal relationships, in addition to the possibility of unique opportunities for professional growth.

Everything you know about networking is probably wrong. Often believed to be merely a tool for landing a job or client, there’s more to networking than just handshaking and new Linkedin connections. Smart professionals know the value of networking skills and put those skills to good use. Business leaders use networking to develop relationships with employees on every level, scientists use networking as a way to enter into the world of research grants, and even musicians and music producers use networking to make vital industry contacts.

We often think of networking only in professional terms, but the truth is we network every day. Take a look at this infographic from Networkwise for more on the art and science of networking, making and managing new contacts, and using your networking skills to their highest potential.

image credit: NetWorkWise

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