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The All-About-PR Award - Hacker Noon Awards| #Noonies Nominees

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🏆50 #Noonies Awards Up for Grabs. 

🤖Over 300 #Noonies Nominees (so far). 

🕛Divided across our 3 Editorial Streams—Software Development, Crypto and Blockchain, and General Technology—Hacker Noon’s Inaugural #Noonies, presented in partnership with Stream, aim to be tech’s defining moment of 2019; are now LIVE, and YOUR VOTES ARE THE ONLY THINGS MATTER—
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The All-About-PR Award

Did you come across stories talking about the "revolutionary impact of X on the Blockchain"? Did the obvious shill piece turn you off? Nominate the ones you think deserve the podium here



The Noonies are made possible by Stream. Stream’s simple, powerful APIs for scalable feeds and chat are used by some of the largest and most popular apps. Voting is open from today until August 16th, 2019, and Hacker Noon’s #Noonies award winners will be announced on August 21st, 2019. << VOTE NOW >>


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