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Technology will eat us alive.

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@ChelseaIrizarryChelsea Irizarry

Ray Bradburyโ€™s The Veldt and There Will Come Soft Rains depicts human lives so consumed by technology that the humans literally and figuratively ceased to exist. There is a common idea that computers and technology are our future without the thought of the consequences to allowing technology to interfere with our lives so much.

These stories remind me of how some people have stopped looking for cars before crossing a street which shows how dependent humans are to the tiny computers, that such a basic things is now ignored to the point it literally kills. Another example of humans losing touch with reality is when children stay inside to play video games rather than going outside, which is exactly what happened in The Veldt. The lack of discipline from parents does not help the situation either. Many parents are engulfed in their work or phones that they spoil their children, encouraging the anti-social behavior who then teach their children the exact same habits. This snowball effect will bring society to its knees and to an extent be the death of society.


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