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SXSW may be over, but now is the time to start prepping for next year.

6 podcast episodes recorded at SXSW this year.

SXSW may be over, but now is the time to start prepping for next year. If this was your first year it may have seemed overwhelming, and even if you have been many times before going without a plan can mean lots of missed opportunities. Don’t worry, the Next Action Podcast has plenty of tips and tricks to help you maximize your time next year at SXSW.

SXSW Veteran: from Musician to VC: Brian Penick

LinkedIn profile of Brian Penick, used with permission

SXSW 2019 marked Brian Penick’s 12th year visiting — but it was the Music side of SXSW in which he got his start. As a musician turned VC, Penick has amassed over a decade’s worth of tips and tricks to not just survive, but thrive during SXSW. We discuss time management, tactical tips, and of course, the best places to eat.

SXSW: Press and What’s New in Tech: Jeffrey Powers

Jeff Powers Twitter bio pic — used with permission

This chat features Jeff Powers, owner of Geekazine and Geekazine Live. Coming from the perspective of the press and what stands out to the journalists of SXSW, we get interesting insights from Powers as he recalls the five previous years he’s attended. From the best kept secrets in lounges to the best places to capture video content, this discussion helps us understand the media perspective of SXSW.

SXSW: How Emotional Intelligence Wins the Day: Wesley Faulkner

Wesley Faulkner LinkedIn bio — used with permission

From the tradeshow floor all the way to exclusive after parties, sometimes the brands at SXSW can begin to overshadow the individuals. At an event like SXSW where networking is so important, maintaining personal authenticity is key. Wesley Faulkner addresses this by emphasizing the value of sincerity and genuine excitement in networking.

SXSW: Crypto and Social Impact: Cleve Mesidor

Cleve Mesidor — used with permission

This was the first year for a Crypto and Blockchain track at SXSW, where guest Cleve Mesidor was be one of the speakers. She joins me for a chat about the social impacts of crypto and blockchain, as well as what to look for in this space at SXSW.

SXSW: Spotting the Right Speakers and Sparking Outlasting Energy: Lynae Cook

Lynae Cook — used with permission

Amidst the rush of SXSW, your time spent there is valuable down to the very minute. Lynae Cook joins me to discuss the art of time management and building the schedule that works for you. She shares her insights on how to expertly choose events to attend, how to prioritize speakers, and when it’s ok to walk out on one.

SXSW: How to Maximize Your Knowledge Through Planning: Angelique LaRue

Angelique LaRue Twitter profile pic — used with permission

Angelique LaRue is a SXSW planning guru and schedule hacker. She successfully operates one of the most helpful SXSW planning groups with over 2000 people. In our podcast, LaRue details the importance of having a solid game plan behind you and how it can help ensure you’re at the right events, you’re meeting the right people, and you’re spending your valuable time wisely.

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