Strengthening Cloud Security through Collaborative Global Effortsby@whitehouse

Strengthening Cloud Security through Collaborative Global Efforts

by The White HouseMay 14th, 2024
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Efforts are underway to ensure secure and fair use of cloud services globally, promoting trust and resilience in cloud computing and data centers. Partnerships and international cooperation initiatives aim to address challenges, increase support for secure cloud adoption, and foster common understandings for cloud security worldwide.
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Cloud computing has become an essential enabler of the digital transformation of economies and businesses. By providing on-demand access to scalable computing resources in a reliable and cost-effective manner, cloud services allow governments and businesses to deliver more secure and resilient services to their citizens and customers. Moreover, cloud services were proven to be a strategic asset as Russian forces physically destroyed Ukrainian facilities holding critical data. Migration of government information technology infrastructure to the cloud improved resilience and preserved information essential to the operation of the economy and government.

U.S. cloud computing and data center firms compete globally and offer services to a broad international customer base while, in parallel, the United States government actively partners with foreign governments to promote the fair and safe use of cloud computing resources. At the same time, providers from authoritarian states are globalizing, and they are often more responsive to short-term local economic development goals, providing packages that include financial subsidies, local cloud infrastructure, and workforce training. Cloud services and data centers are also a source of tension with close trade partners. Some have threatened to exclude U.S. cloud providers from their markets in part because of concerns about access to and control of data, despite the U.S. Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act providing for agreements to allow for consistent protections based on the rule of law. The Department of State is committed to reaching a common understanding with our international partners on the fair and safe use of cloud computing resources.

In addition, the Department of State will work with international partners and the private sector to address the costs and increase support for building secure cloud infrastructure in emerging economies. DCCP is reinforcing these efforts through the support of feasibility studies, reverse trade missions, financing, and training programs, such as training grants in the Philippines to support the provision of cloud computing capabilities.

Figure 3. Global Submarine Cable Map 2024. (Illustration by TeleGeography)

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This post was originally published on May 6, 2024, by the U.S Department of State