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Stop Losing Money to Greedy Exchanges - NOW !

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@amplify-brokerageAmplify Brokerage

Buy and Trade Crypto Worldwide With Zero Trading Fees

Paying fees to trade crypto is getting out of control.  Coinbase just recently raised their fees again, and honestly, people are getting fed up.  And we should be getting fed up, there is no reason that traders should have to share their profits with these greedy exchanges who will never stop raising fees.
Consumers have the power to choose a platform that charges them zero fees on their trades, and, in return, earns them more coin on every transaction.
That platform is Amplify Exchange.  
Amplify Exchange has been committed to zero commission trading since before our launch.   We came to market 90 days ago with our full brokerage product:
  • 16 tokens listed
  • 9 native languages, and;
  • fully operational in over 150 countries,
and have quickly become the "go-to" platform for the global trader to easily trade crypto quickly, securely, and most importantly, without paying any trading fees.  
Also, unlike Coinbase, Amplify supports limit and stop orders, giving you the tools you need to execute orders on your own terms- 
We did a side by side comparison of a trade executed on Amplify vs. Coinbase proving that Amplify earns you more- 
Amplify Gives You 1.4% More…
On the left, you can see the spot pricing for Amplify was $8,826.80 per Bitcoin while on the right Coinbase was $8,818.40 so on the surface it appears Coinbase is $8.40 lower than Amplify but let’s take a closer look.
When you add the Coinbase fee for this transaction of $14.68, nearly 1.5% you end up with a lower final fee on Amplify Exchange thanks to our commission-free trading structure because as you see on the Amplify Order Screen there are no additional fees applied above spot pricing so you always get exactly what you are expecting from every trade.
In this instance Amplify delivered you 1.4% more Bitcoin on your transaction than you would have received at Coinbase.
When prices are the same, Amplify will always be able to deliver more digital assets compared to Coinbase because we don’t charge additional trading fees above spot pricing to our customers.
Amplify believes in commission-free trading and is excited for the world to benefit from our one-of-a-kind trading venue.


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