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Startup Idea: Make People More Ambitious

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Ankit Kumar Singh

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You ask, Why? I say, Why not? It’s the highest return activity in the world.

A few months ago, Tyler Cowen wrote a blog titled “The high-return activity of raising others’ aspirations”,

An excerpt from that;

“At critical moments in time, you can raise the aspirations of other people significantly, especially when they are relatively young, simply by suggesting they do something better or more ambitious than what they might have in mind. It costs you relatively little to do this, but the benefit to them, and to the broader world, may be enormous.
This is in fact one of the most valuable things you can do with your time and with your life.”

I have come to think of this thing as a business model!

Look at how Lambda School,(A school where you pay nothing until you’re earning $50k or more. And if you don’t, it’s free) founded by Austen Allred, does it, it enables its students to think big, helps them increase their salary by a huge margin.

Just look at these stories and it makes you believe you can make a good business out of it!

The second startup which does this amazingly well is Pioneer,

I am not sure what Pioneer’s business model is, but whatever it is, I fundamentally believe that a startup like Pioneer founded by Daniel Gross deserves to exist in a world ensuring a fair playing ground for all the talented individuals.

Similarly, what else is it that you can do that helps people aim higher in life?

Let me know.

Honestly put, this is something which I want to do at some point of time in my life. (And I ask myself, why not now?)

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