Something, Something Open Letter

For the last week or so, there has been a lot of discussion from people of all generations about their counterparts. To be honest it has been nothing but a mix of pissing contests and self-help to those not really asking for it.

Ultimately everybody’s success is varied and the way in which you get there is no different. With that being said, there is a clear distinction between telling someone how you got your success in a manner in which they were meant to learn from it and being a condescending narcissist borderline bragging about not only how much better you are but how that person is wrong for thinking a certain way.

Come on people, it is not hard to see here. Talia (whose story is here) knew what she was doing and knew that it was only going to go a couple of different ways, either she would bring this up to her CEO in person and was going to be fired or write about it in which she would either get a raise or be fired.

Knocked around by the internet, what she did took real courage, cajones, she took to the internet and wrote about her issues and her struggles. Rather than people offering help, she got some thirty-year-old telling her how wrong she was and her whole generation was also WRONG and everyone was wrong because Talia didn’t sit around and accept her salary. News flash to everyone out there, you’re way is not the only way.

You haven’t even given her time to recover from her firing, she asked for help through donations, so what?! She just lost her job, her only source of income in the single most expensive part of the country! Boy, nothing like kicking someone while they are down. Seriously what is the point of explaining how messed up the situation is and how she should’ve gone back in time and got a roommate and her degree was useless so while she was back there she could just go ahead and change her degree. Ultimately she knew she was taking a lower salary in an expensive area of the country, but your experience and your journey does not nullify her’s.

Overcoming objectives will be important not only for Talia but for every “millennial” as Stefanie so aptly grouped us together. You see there are those in “my” generation that are wanting hand-outs, but then again ever generation has those. The entitled in my generation, well, news flash they were there in the last generation and oh, in the generation before that… THEY’VE ALWAYS BEEN THERE. Obviously, Talia can’t go back and change her path now and as you’ve probably guessed, she can only go forward, what she does from this moment will change her life forever.

Unapologetically millennial is not what I would consider myself because labels suck ass. Seriously, one group of generations against another? What is the point in that, I could say all day long that I am out there grinding my ass off to put food on the table and teach myself computer science through free resources because I didn’t want to keep taking out student loans.

My generation has a lot of problems sure, but that doesn’t mean your generation is perfect, every generation has their problems. Taking it out on someone because they didn’t do something the exact way you did it is petty and ridiculous. Good on you Talia for addressing an issue with your employer and calling them out in a very public manner and had you done this behind closed doors, you would’ve been fired and replaced with someone who might not have spoken up. Good on you and the others who feel entitled to be FUCKING PAID for their hard work.



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