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Solving the Core Problem of Automation in the App Development Industry

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The challenge for app development automation is not automation itself but rather scaling development automation operations.

The uptake of blockchain technology for the development of decentralized applications has given rise to a new market niche: application development and deployment automation. Automation is an important aspect of app development because it speeds up the delivery of products, simplifies developers’ workflow, and requires them to use fewer tools. However, there is a core challenge in the area of app development that has yet to be overcome, and is not the development automation itself but rather scaling automation operations.

Businesses increasingly rely on advancements in technology to develop cutting edge products and platforms that meet the demands of a global consumer base. While content remains essential to building a brand or a business, it’s also critical that companies are able to swiftly adapt to market changes. Being able to successfully scale their business amidst these changes requires access to the tools and software needed to create, modify and fix things on-demand. For software developers, this can prove to be time-consuming and expensive. For companies dependent on their labor power, efficiency in these processes depends on talent, training, and working long hours to ensure tasks are completed effectively and to offset human error.

Buddy’s Solution

Buddy is promising to meet these challenges with its new decentralized development automation platform, which will automate specific tasks in the app development process. The platform allows for the development of original processes that rapidly and reliably push software enhancements and bug fixes. To do this, Buddy uses three central blockchain-based tools: 1) Automation GRIDs (private and shared), which provide a decentralized infrastructure for running an infinite number of automation tasks for app development 2) A DevOps Marketplace, an app store for developers with solutions available for purchase that automate app development 3) BlockchainOps, which are development automation bots made for creating smarter, better and faster blockchain apps. Using these tools businesses can implementing techniques such as automated testing and automated deployments. The target market for these tools are app developers and the companies that employ them. For all users of Buddy, the tools means more results with less work.

BUD Token

The BUD token is a utility token on the ethereum blockchain. The whitepaper describes several convincing use cases for the token. Developers will use it to publish development and deployment automation add-ons to the DevOps Marketplace, as well as provide dev environments to the Sandbox Template Universe. Other experts can use the token to provide semi-automated services such as manual code audits and certification that can be easily integrated into the pipelines of platform users. End users will use the token to automate and scale operations with development and deployment automation pipelines created with actions from the DevOps Marketplace. They can also scale operations with the private and shared Automation GRID and share available resources during slack periods with the shared GRID.

Strong Foundation

There are other features of the project apart from the tech details that lend it credibility. Buddy has been around since 2007 and already has an existing product with well-known business customers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Github & Docker. Because of this it is already embedded in the app development ecosystem of many key market players. The team behind the project is impressive, with an established track record execution and advisors that include well-recognized ICO experts. The whitepaper is very strong, possible the strongest this writer has read yet. Finally, Buddy offers comprehensive solutions to real problems in a hyped industry.


Buddy has a working product and an existing customer base of well-known brands. It has identified a specific problem in the app development industry that needs solving and has the tools to do so. By automating processes traditionally done manually, Buddy lets businesses focus on growth while fulfilling their technical needs in a way that simplifies workflows. For app creators, Buddy offers instant access to thousands of developers and lowers the costs of app delivery and marketing. For the blockchain community, Buddy is an open-source resource that will foster better apps and innovation. For experts like consultants and auditors, Buddy offers automation of the customer acquisition process at lower costs. All of this points to real potential success for Buddy’s venture into the blockchain app development industry. I genuinely think it is one of the top projects to watch in 2018.

Buddy website: https://token.buddy.works/

Whitepaper: https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3798597

Full disclosure: I do not own BUD tokens and I have not participated in the Buddy ICO. This article is not intended as investment advice. You should always do your own research. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1195948.

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