Social Media Strategy: How to Increase LTV by Turning Your Customers Into Your Followers by@sashaincalifornia

Social Media Strategy: How to Increase LTV by Turning Your Customers Into Your Followers

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When someone randomly enters a shop or office, they're most likely making a one-time purchase.

Whether it’s clothes, perfume, or a mattress, those who purchase from a physical business location will likely only see its exterior once in a while. As soon as they leave, their images of the place may be gone forever.

So how do you remain in your customers' minds?

You get them to start following your social media accounts. Congrats are in order once you do as social media is the best way to get your customers' attention!

Social Media Presence is a powerful tool that implements your brand voice into the everyday reality of your customers and potential customers.

If you entertain them well, they will follow you, repost your content, tag you, and/or recommend you to their friends.

Social Media is not only about initial sales. It’s also about Lifetime Value (LTV). In addition, brand loyalty and community building are two main areas of focus. So, my advice is – never forget to invite your current customers to join your social networks!

Your customers already love you, so the cost of follower acquisition is low. Know that the value of that action could be unexpectedly high. Your customers don’t necessarily know that you have one or more social media accounts, even if they know you and buy from you all the time. So do not hesitate to invite them to follow your business’ social media pages!

You can send emails with the links to your social media accounts included. You can also ask customers who come to your offline stores or offices to follow you. Be sure to explain to them why they should follow you. Try setting up Social-Only special offers, sending customers valuable information for free, or promising to post weekly news on the topic your customers are most interested in.

Be sure to leave the links to your social media everywhere!

  • On Your Website
  • On Every Email You Send
  • On Every Business Card You Print
  • On Your Packaging
  • On Every Business Gift You Send
  • On Every Catalogue Or Brochure

We recently created a branded hoodie with a huge QR code on the back, leading to our Instagram page because social media management is our primary business focus. To make your social media links more efficient, don’t forget to put your customer before your brand’s ego.

And don’t directly invite people to like your brand! It’s not about your name and your goods. Instead, it’s about the benefits they’ll receive when buying your products, including solving a particular problem.

Remember that you need to give people a good reason to stay with you. If you do, they will be happy to support your business again and again!

Here are a few examples of do’s & don’ts to follow:

DON’T send out these messages:

  • Follow us now on!

  • Like our posts! @mvalleyonline

DO send:

  • Please share your feedback with us on IG page @mvalleyonline!
  • Tag us now to win great prizes! @mvalleyonline
  • Get your marketing questions answered every Monday at @mvalleyonline

Let’s Get Social!

Questions? Follow me on IG @sashaincalifornia, and I’ll be happy to help with all I can!

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